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Success Is A Choice : Ten Steps To Overachieving In Business and Life

Rick Pitino with Bill Reynolds

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Format: Paperback, 275pp.
ISBN: 9780767901321
Publisher: Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub
Pub. Date: April 1998

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Item No: 9780767901321

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Rick Pitino is the hottest coach in America. Famous for his remarkable successes with the basketball teams he has trained, Pitino is a widely admired master at transforming lackluster, underachieving players into lean, competitive winners. Off the court, Pitino has taken his message to the corporate world, each year teaching thousands of people in companies across the America how to apply his wildly successful coaching strategies to business. Now, in Success Is a Choice, Pitino is ready to let everyone see what his players and those in his seminars have been exposed to for years: the warmth, humor, and road-tested motivational techniques that will help them to develop mental toughness, enhance their self-esteem, and learn how they can exceed their own potential. No matter how you spend your time—in business, teams, classrooms, or just everyday living—Success Is a Choice will be your own personal coach, urging you on to achieve peak performance.

How does Pitino motivate people? There's no question that he has immense personal charisma and superb coaching strategies. Yet what sets him apart--and makes him the envy of his colleagues--is his ability to spur his people on to achieve far more than is expected of them. His core belief, honed through his coaching in a variety of situations for over twenty years, is that everyone can achieve things they never thought possible. He maintains that most of us continually undersell ourselves, routinely settle for less than we deserve, and grow conditioned to thinking that we can't attain the goals we set for ourselves. Beginning with the four elements crucial to any achievement—Togetherness, Esteem, Attitude, and Mental Toughness (TEAM)—Pitino systematically overturns this negative conditioning and replaces it with ten concrete steps to building a winning life. This remarkable author, with a terrifically compelling message, will make Success Is a Choice one of the biggest business/self-improvement books of the year.


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Reader's Index 
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Table of Contents
Deserving Victory1
Step 1Build Self-Esteem11
Step 2Set Demanding Goals45
Step 3Always Be Positive71
Step 4Establish Good Habits93
Step 5Master the Art of Communication117
Step 6Learn from Role Models141
Step 7Thrive on Pressure163
Step 8Be Ferociously Persistent191
Step 9Learn from Adversity217
Step 10Survive Success239
Overachieving in Business and Life259

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