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The Things That Matter Most : Choosing Family, Faith and the Simple Life

Bob Welch

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Format: Paperback, 200pp.
ISBN: 9780736903769
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Pub. Date: July 2001

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Item No: 9780736903769

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Bigger, shinier, faster—toys that are supposed to make life fun but end up taking the joy out of living . . . where does it all end? The Things that Matter Most uncovers treasure you may have forgotten you had.

Refresh your sense of wonder as you read about . . .
  • the man sure made a mistake by choosing family over freedom . . . until he found a note from his wife
  • the couple who saw a need and filled it—and became "parents" to 50,000 children
  • the mother and daughter who began writing each other every week—and haven't stopped for more than 50 years
In this collection of heartwarming stories you will find what is truly important: The people you cherish, the dreams you share, and the talents God has given exclusively to you.

You may laugh, perhaps cry, but most of all you'll think about the things that make life so special: love, friendships, and building memories that last a lifetime.


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About the Author

Bob Welch and his wife Sally are the proud parents of two sons. He is an award-winning writer, the features editor for the second-largest daily newspaper in Oregon, and the author of A Father for All Seasons.

Table of Contents
Rigging the Boat7
1Awareness: Watching Your Telltales13
2Vision: Seeing Your Destination49
3Purpose: Understanding Your Voyage85
4Strategy: Charting Your Course123
5Courage: Raising Your Sails167
6Grace: Trusting the Wind197

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