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The Feiner Points of Leadership: The 50 Basic Laws That Will Make People Want to Perform Better for You

Michael Feiner

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Format: Paperback, 286pp.
ISBN: 9780446695756
Publisher: Warner Business Books
Pub. Date: October 2005

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Item No: 9780446695756

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

There's no mistaking what a great leader does. The real challenge is to know how it's done. Understanding the nuances of putting leadership into action has long been the specialty of Michael Feiner, the former chief people officer at Pepsi-Cola and current management professor at Columbia Graduate School of Business. Now, in this hands-on, plain-speaking, practical guide, Feiner shares his hard-won expertise and gives you detailed solutions to the everyday problems of leadership.

The Feiner Points of Leadership offers fifty insightful laws covering everything from managing tough bosses and difficult subordinates, to dealing with uncooperative colleagues, to overcoming resistance to corporate change. Based on Feiner's experiences as an aspiring executive, senior leader, and management consultant, The Feiner Points of Leadership shows you that leadership has little to do with grand strategies or personal charisma.

And the author's tales from the trenches will make you smile as you discover:
  • The Law of Building a Cathedral: Leaders convince their people that they're building a cathedral, not cutting stone
  • The Law of Class vs. Style: Never...ever...ever...ever treat your boss like a bumbling old fool (even if he or she is one)
  • The Law of Winning Championships: No matter how talented the team, team members have different agendas-and leaders know what they are
  • The Law of the Silent Sinner: If you can't tell anyone what you're doing, don't do it!
  • The Law of the Onion: High-Performance Leaders look beneath the surface-and never assume anything
  • The Law of the Tombstone: Remember what's really important-and that your net worth won't be noted on your final resting place.

With an easy-to-access appendix that lists typical office problems and points you to the laws that can solve them, The Feiner Points of Leadership will help you right away-with dramatic and measurable results that ensure the long-term success of both your career and your organization.


"People cut you a lot of slack if you really give a darn about them. People associate leadership with oratory or charisma, but that's not what leadership is all about."
—-San Francisco Chronicle

"This book should be required reading for aspiring managers and seasoned executives alike. Mike Feiner was Pepsi's in-house leadership guru for more than a decade, and his insights gave us leadership muscle at every level of the organization. I've been encouraging him to write this book for years, and the final product lives up to my expectations in every way."
—Andy Pearson, former President & COO, PepsiCo

"The Feiner Points of Leadership" takes a unique, hands-on approach to the subject of business leadership. In going beyond describing what effective leaders do and addressing the nuts and bolts of how they do it, Michael Feiner has succeeded where many others have failed: he has captured the essence of practical leadership."
—Bob Wright, Vice Chairman, GE, and Chairman & CEO, NBC

"This is a must read for business leaders who want to build world-class organizations. Feiner has translated his successful career at PepsiCo into a very insightful, practical, and entertaining teachable point of view called 'Feiner's laws of leadership.
—Noel Tichy, Professor, University of Michigan and author of The Cycle of Leadership: How Great Leaders Teach Their Organizations to Win

"This book deserves to fly off the shelf. It is all you need to know to lead -- complex thoughts written in a way that every executive can absorb. It will be a must read for all of our coaches, so we can more effectively assist our clients."
—Dr. Marti Smye, President, Coaching and Development, Korn/Ferry Int'l.

"The Feiner Points of Leadership goes well beyond the standard debate of what leadership is and provides a pragmatic 'how-to' on leading and influencing others, from the most difficult subordinate to the most unreasonable boss. In his Everyman style, Mike Feiner offers practical advice that anyone can start to apply immediately, regardless of what role you play in the organization."
—Dave Pace, Executive Vice President, Partner Resources, Starbucks Coffee

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About the Author

Michael Feiner was a senior executive and chief people officer at Pepsi-Cola for twenty years. He is now a management consultant and professor at the Columbia Graduate School of Business. His course, "High-Performance Leadership-Managing Bosses, Peers, and Subordinates," is one of the most popular electives.

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