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5 Leadership Lessons: Leadership and Motivation

Leadership and Motivation: The Fifty-Fifty Rule and the Eight Key Principles of Motivating Others

John Adair

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Format: Hardcover, 176pp.
ISBN: 9780749447984
Publisher: Kogan Page
Pub. Date: January 1, 2007

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Item No: 9780749447984

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

What motivates people is an important consideration for captains of industry, commerce and the public sector – in fact anyone who works with other people – since people are central to the success of organizations.

Leadership and Motivation explores the subject in depth. Leadership guru John Adair reassesses the theories of Herzberg and Maslow – still the major contributors to our understanding of motivation – in the context of Action-Centred Leadership – the concept pioneered and developed by the author.

Central to the book are the Fifty-Fifty Rule and the Eight Key Principles of Motivating Others. With the Fifty-Fifty Rule, Adair states that half of a person’s motivation comes from within and half is due to their environment – especially the leadership they encounter there. His Eight Key Principles of Motivating Others are:
1. Be self-motivated
2. Select people who are also self-motivated
3. Treat everyone as an individual
4. Set challenging yet realistic targets
5. Remember that progress motivates
6. Create a motivating environment
7. Provide fair rewards
8. Give recognition.


"John Adair is the first professor of Leadership Studies in the world and he remains the most distinguished figure in the field."
—The Sunday Times

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About the Author

John Adair is acknowledged internationally as an authority on leadership. The world’s first Professor of Leadership Studies, he advises many organizations in business, government, education, health and the voluntary sector. An effective speaker with a valuable message, he is one of the very few figures in recent years to have transformed the debate as to what effective leadership is all about. John has recently received the Lifetime Achievement in Leadership Award, and he continues to write and teach throughout the world, inspiring new audiences with his timeless and timely vision of leadership. China has made him its first Honorary Professor of Leadership. He is the author of over 50 books and articles, now in 25 languages, on leadership and management development, including the best-selling classics Not Bosses But Leaders and The Inspirational Leader both published by Kogan Page.

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