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The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership

Steven B. Sample

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Format: Paperback, 224pp.
ISBN: 9780787967079
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Pub. Date: April 2003

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Item No: 9780787967079

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Are you the type of leader who finds it difficult to make quick assessments of people or ideas? Do you fail to read all the things that come across your desk? Do you frequently find yourself wondering whether conventional wisdom is just a bit too simplistic for the realities of our day?

Good, says Steven Sample, president of the University of Southern California. You’re already well on your way to becoming a contrarian leader one who sees situations from his own unique point of view and who finds genuinely new solutions to the challenges facing his organization.

Widely regarded as one of this generation’s most effective and innovative university presidents, Sample presents in this book profound leadership lessons that combine a masterful survey of history with rich insights from personal experience.

As management guru Warren Bennis notes in the foreword, “There are few originals left in American society today men and women who speak with a unique voice and who can offer an unconventional perspective and bracing authenticity. Steve Sample is an undisputed original. Simply put, his is a voice that should be heard by all those who would aspire to lead thoughtfully and effectively in our own time.”


"Sample's is a very American story, and his is a very American book."
Los Angeles Times Book Reviews, November 25, 2001


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• "The leader whose thinking is constrained within well-worn ruts, who is completely governed by his established passions and prejudices, who is incapable of thinking either gray or free, and who can’t even appropriate the creative imagination and fresh ideas of those around him, is as anachronistic and ineffective as the dinosaur. He may by dint of circumstances remain in power, but his followers would almost certainly be better off without him." Pg. 19

About the Author

Steven B. Sample — an electrical engineer, musician, outdoorsman, professor, and inventor-is the tenth president of the University of Southern California. Under Sample's leadership USC has become a world-renowned in the fields of communication and multimedia technologies, has received national recognition for its innovative community partnerships, and has solidified its status as one of the nation's leading research universities. USC was selected as College of the Year 2000 by TIME and the Princeton Review, was named a "hot school" by Newsweek/Kaplan Review, and has been widely acclaimed in recent years for the excellence of its highly selective undergraduate programs.

Table of Contents
Foreword by Warren Bennisxi
About the Author
1Thinking Gray, and Free
2Artful Listening
3Experts: Saviors and Charlatans
4You Are What You Read
5Decisions, Decisions
6Give the Devil His Due
7Know Which Hill You're Willing to Die On
8Work for Those Who Work for You
9Follow the Leader
10Being President Versus Doing President
11The University of Southern California: A Case Study in Contrarian Leadership

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