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Lost and Found : The Story of How One Man Discovered the Secrets of Leadership . . .Where HeWasn't Even Looking

Lyle Sussman, Sam Deep and Alex Stiber

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Format: Hardcover, 160pp.
ISBN: 9781400050857
Publisher: Crown Business
Pub. Date: February 2004

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Item No: 9781400050857

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Larry has worked his way up to his first big assignment as a manager. But now the work is piling up on his desk. His people can?t seem to make decisions?certainly not the right ones. His mentor has been fired. Worst of all, his boss sends him out for leadership training. Larry never thought he needed all that ?people skills? stuff to perform, and spouting buzzwords doesn?t seem to work for him, anyway. I?m doing my job, Larry thinks. What does this company want from me? He truly feels lost.

After alienating his staff even more and incurring costly time delays, Larry is sent on a forced vacation, which begins with a comic but poignant fishing trip misadventure. Finally, miles from home and work, Larry opens his mind to new ways of thinking about leadership. He learns important leadership lessons in his daily life: planning a family trip, watching his son play ball, fishing with his daughter. He realizes that everyone needs to KNOW, GROW, and OWN, and that being a leader means helping and enabling people to fulfill those needs.

At last Larry has a credo that he can believe in, three powerful principles that all managers can use to get the best from themselves and the people around them.

Praised by executives and business experts, Lost & Found reveals the core of leadership through the power of an engaging and wonderfully told story. Managers will recognize parts of themselves and people they know in Larry Parks, a smart worker temporarily stymied by a new type of challenge. At the end of the book the authors provide tips for putting the KNOW-GROW-OWN credo to work in different types of jobs and in different kinds of companies and organizations. Combining inspiration and practical advice, Lost & Found will help talented workers transform themselves into great leaders.


In the tradition of Who Moved My Cheese?, Larry Parks is asked to attend a development workshop while he's in the midst of overseeing a major project. On his return, his manager questions him intently about the workshop and soon after, again presses him for feedback. In fact, Larry's supervisor is very concerned with Larry's interpersonal skills and his ability to manage effectively. Only after Larry is told to take a "vacation" does he begin to see that he has been treating his staff and his family in similar ways: "All I've taught them is to go off and focus on their own pieces of the puzzle and let me worry about putting it all together. I'll bet that some of them, like me, are so focused on the budgets and timelines related to what they're designing and building that they hardly if ever even think about the people who will use it!" The authors, management professors and consultants, use Larry's predicament to show how effective employees need to learn how to become effective leaders. According to the authors, the key "grow" question for managers to ask is "Are my team members more valuable to our team, to the company, and to themselves than they were a year ago?" It's equally important for managers to have a clear vision of the future and to treat their staff as if they're partners working toward this vision rather than "hired hands." Following the parable, the authors offer about 10 pages explaining their "know, grow and own" philosophy. The parable is entertaining and many readers are likely to identify with the character's stressed and overscheduled predicament. The question is whether readers are weary of this genre.
Publishers Weekly Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved

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About the Authors

Lyle Sussman, Ph.D., is chairman and professor of management at the University of Louisville as well as a speaker and coach. Sam Deep is a corporate leadership coach and an adjunct professor of management at Carnegie Mellon University. Sussman and Deep are the coauthors of several books, including Smart Moves and Yes, You Can! Alex Stiber has developed culture-change initiatives for many Fortune 500 clients and teaches leadership at Duquesne University.

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