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Douglas McGregor, Revisited: Managing the Human Side of the Enterprise

Gary Heil, Deborah C. Stephens, Warren G. Bennis

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Format: Hardcover, 224pp.
ISBN: 9780471314622
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Pub. Date: March 24, 2000

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Item No: 9780471314622

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

An authoritative book that reflects the thinking and writing of one of the top five business thinkers of all time.

Douglas McGregor is one of the forefathers of contemporary management thinking. Over fifty years ago, he began investigating the importance of people to business, and he believed something that CEOs today have come to understand: in order to thrive, an organization needs to harness the intelligence, enthusiasm, and commitment of all their employees. McGregor proved that to truly succeed, companies must cultivate an organization that is built on enduring relationships with the workforce and customers. Douglas McGregor on Management discusses current leadership issues through the lens of McGregor's ideas. The book offers ten principles for putting his beliefs into practice from which managers at all levels can learn. These principles are augmented with stories and examples from companies who have come to personify McGregor's thinking, including British Petroleum, Egghead.com, CompUSA, Sun, Lucent, and Hanover Insurance.

Features perspectives of McGregor's protgs and numerous examples from companies that have flourished under McGregor's approach, including Disney, Silicon Graphics, and Perrier

The words of Douglas McGregor, one of the fore-fathers of management theory and one of the top business thinkers of all time, cannot and should not be ignored. McGregor's vision of a more humanistic workplace may not have been widely accepted over three decades ago, but technological advancements that McGregor himself anticipated have paradoxically helped companies become more human. Viewing employees not as cogs in the machine but as living beings with individual goals-what McGregor called "the human side of the enterprise"-has proven to provide a remarkable competitive advantage. Now, with the rise of the networked economy, the growing power of frontline workers, and the shift in power from mass producer to individual consumer, authors Gary Heil, Warren Bennis, and Deborah Stephens assert that McGregor's ideas are more important and relevant than ever before.

Douglas McGregor, Revisited emphasizes McGregor's lasting influence and updates his thinking with new concepts, fresh strategies, and modern implementation. This timely work traces McGregor's original thinking, which has emerged in current approaches that stress distributed leadership, open-minded appraisal techniques, and employee/customer commitment.

Highlighted throughout with gems of wisdom in McGregor's own words, the book describes the value of his theories for today's managers. The authors carefully outline how to put McGregor's thinking into practice in your own business so you can:
  • Devise a better performance management system
  • Form and supervise effective management teams
  • Build cooperation instead of internal competition
  • Cultivate an intrinsically motivating, values-driven workplace
  • Create a cause worthy of employee commitment

Also featured are examples from a host of companies and leaders who have flourished under McGregor's approach. Authoritative and highly instructive, Douglas McGregor, Revisited offers new generations of managers important lessons from history and from the field.

Douglas McGregor's seminal works, The Human Side of the Enterprise and The Professional Manager, debunked Taylorism and described a revolutionary way to manage people. He was the first to apply the findings in behavioral science to the world of business. Based on what had been learned about human behavior, McGregor explored the implications of managing people in a different manner than tradition dictated.

The nature of work today makes McGregor's ideas more relevant than ever before. This important book applies his thinking to today's business world, proving again that the human aspect of work is crucial to organizational effectiveness. It also suggests how you can change your thinking and implement his ideas in your own business and workplace.


"This book revisits in a contemporary manner the most important question facing management today: given what we know about human nature, how should work be managed so as to unleash the vast creative potential of human beings? The evidence is overwhelming that many people either come to an organization or can be appropriately led to exhibit the behavior McGregor characterized as 'Theory Y.' This book provides a 'how-to' approach for developing people at work and for establishing high performance organizations."
—Joseph A. Maciariello, Horton Professor of Management Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University and Claremont McKenna College. Author of Lasting Value: Lessons from a Century of Agility at Lincoln Electric

"With every passing year, McGregor's message becomes ever more relevant, more timely, and more important."
—Peter F. Drucker


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Reader's Index 
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• "The world that Douglas McGregor spoke of is here. . . . Those businesses that thrive today are not necessarily those with the most valuable resources, the greatest market share, or the most capital (though none of these hurt); rather, those businesses that are able to tap their human potential in the most productive manner are the ones who enjoy enduring success. This is the world that Douglas McGregor envisioned." Pg. x

About the Authors

Gary Heil and Deborah Stephens are cofounders of the Center for Innovative Leadership. They are the coauthors of One Size Fits One and collaborators on Maslow On Management. Heil is also the author of Leadership and the Customer Revolution. Warren Bennis is Distinguished Professor of Business Administration at the University of Southern California and a consultant to multinational companies and governments throughout the world. Author of over a dozen books, including the bestsellers Leaders and On Becoming a Leader, Bennis's insights have fundamentally shaped the way we think about leaders today.

Table of Contents
Why McGregor Matters
Rethinking Your Thinking
Becoming McGregorian
Thinking Systematically
Performance Appraisal or Performance Development
Winning with Teams
Build Cooperation Instead of Internal Competition
Building the Intrinsically Motivating, Actualizing Organization
Creating a Cause Worthy of Commitment
Leaders, Test Your Assumptions

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