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Growing Great Employees: Turning Ordinary People into Extraordinary Performers

Erika Andersen

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Format: Hardcover, 288pp.
ISBN: 9781591841517
Publisher: Portfolio Hardcover
Pub. Date: December 28, 2006

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Item No: 9781591841517

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

“If life were fair, employees would be perfect. They would do exactly what we asked them to do, exactly when we asked them to do it – except, of course, for the fantastic ideas they would cook up on their own…Back to reality. Your employees are, like you and me, flawed and hopeful human beings whose success is at least partly dependent on your skill as a manager, human beings who will thrive with skillful and consistent attention and wither without it.”

In business today we’re told that management development is a thing of the past. Staying limber, preparing to change hats at a moment’s notice, and keeping your finger on the pulse of the “new” – that’s what we’re told is critical.

At this moment when companies and managers aren’t focusing on the long haul, Erika Andersen says just the opposite. If you want to compete with the market leaders, grow your business, and succeed in your field, you need support: an all-star staff that epitomizes your company’s mission and has the skills to implement it.

How do you achieve this? Grow great employees.

For twenty-five years Erika Andersen has been helping some of the best-managed companies in the world develop their employees. In Growing Great Employees you’ll learn how they stay ahead of the competition by investing in their people. You’ll discover that:
  • Listening is your most powerful asset. Use it to motivate and build commitment.
  • Everything you know about interviewing is wrong. Find out how to discover what you really need in a potential employee and how to find it.
  • Successful companies hire for keeps. Get people feeling like part of the team from day one.
  • Great leaders surround themselves with the best. Recognize who has potential and develop them into tomorrow’s leaders.

Whether you’re a manager or a senior executive, Growing Great Employees is your guide to creating a dynamic workplace where the efforts you make with your employees today will blossom into success for years to come.


Growing Great Employees is like having an expert at your side; one whose clear-headed lessons provide a nutrient-rich roadmap for perennially winning at business.
—Danny Meyer, CEO, Union Square Hospitality Group and author of Setting The Table

A most readable, insightful, and thorough treatment, filled with common sense and practical examples. A must read for all managers interested in growing their people.
—W. Timothy Gallwey, author of The Inner Game of Tennis and The Inner Game of Work

Growing Great Employees…creates the sense that you’ve got somebody with you every step of the way, somebody who knows what you’re up against and can help you be the kind of manager and leader you want to be.
—Doug Herzog, president, Entertainment Group MTVN

Believe me when I say you can take four full semesters of 'management' in business school, or you can simply read, keep, and refer to GGrowing Great Employees. This book transcends all the theory, fads du jour, and management babble on the current scene and offers simple, straightforward, and, most important, effective steps for creating a community of work in which people are so fulfilled and so productive that they achieve superior results.
—James A. Autry, author of The Servant Leader

For the past twenty-five years, Erika Andersen has been working with companies to make sure that employees achieve their true potential. In Growing Great Employees, Erika is sharing that practical, smart, soup-to-nuts insight on how to be the best kind of manager with a broader public.
—Geraldine Laybourne, president and CEO, Oxygen Networks

The consummate ‘how to’ manual for choosing and nurturing great employees. Erika's techniques are practical and highly effective and this is a powerful tool for creating a stable and innovative work environment. Read it and watch your staff blossom!
—Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, president and CEO, Women in Cable Telecommunications

In Growing Great Employees, [Erika’s] offered a comprehensive guide to being a fun, smart and effective manager—the kind of manager that any company would love to have.
—Leo Kiely, president and CEO, Molson Coors Brewing Company

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About the Author

Erika Andersen is the founder of Proteus International, a consulting firm that works with CEOs and top executives of many major corporations, including Molson Coors Brewing, MTV Networks, Union Square Hospitality Group, ESPN, Comcast, Lifetime Television, and Madison Square Garden.

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