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How Full Is Your Bucket? Positive Strategies for Work and Life

Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton

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Format: Hardcover, 128pp.
ISBN: 9781595620033
Publisher: Gallup Press
Pub. Date: August 2004

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Item No: 9781595620033

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

How did you feel after your last interaction with another person?

Did that person -- your spouse, best friend, coworker, or even a stranger -- "fill your bucket" by making you feel more positive? Or did that person "dip from your bucket," leaving you more negative than before?

How Full Is Your Bucket? reveals how even the briefest interactions affect your relationships, productivity, health, and longevity.

Organized around a simple metaphor of a dipper and a bucket, and grounded in 50 years of research, this book will show you how to greatly increase the positive moments in your work and your life -- while reducing the negative.

Filled with discoveries, powerful strategies, and engaging stories, How Full Is Your Bucket? is sure to inspire lasting changes and has all the makings of a timeless classic.


"This slender volume offers an abundance of insights and inspiration. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to dramatically improve their work life and strengthen their relationships."
—Deepak Chopra
Author of the best-selling books The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire

"The Grandfather of Positive Psychology, Don Clifton, and his grandson, Tom Rath, offer illuminating wisdom for fulfilling work and for a meaningful life."
—Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D.
Former President of the American Psychological Association and author of the best-selling books Authentic Happiness and Learned Optimism

"Wow! This little book is a treasure. It is chock full of wisdom, inspiration, and practical advice, rooted in solid research. It will change the way you look at your life, your work, and the world."
— Martin Walsh
Executive Director, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation

"Tom Rath and Don Clifton have nailed it. Their positive strategies are immensely powerful."
—Michael W. Morrison, Ph.D.
Dean, University of Toyota

"A powerful experience for every reader and an invaluable tool for energizing every enterprise."
—William Robertson
Chairman, Weston Solutions, Inc.

"If there were a Nobel Prize for building a quality individual, this book deserves it."
— Mike Johanns
Governor, State of Nebraska

"Should be required reading for every company, every school's curriculum, and every couple's premarital counseling."
—Gary F. Russell, Ed.D.
CEO, Major League Soccer Camps

"Filled with powerful illustrations and practical applications, How Full Is Your Bucket? is a must for everyone's personal and business library."
—Peter J. Watson
Corporate Learning Coach, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

"The book is a quick and memorable read. It should be part of the core curriculum for any corporation trying to build a positive culture."
— Val J. Halamandaris
President, National Association for Home Care

"This small volume demonstrates how the practice of 'filling other people's buckets' can be life changing."
—Ed Diener, Ph.D.
Alumni Professor of Psychology, University of Illinois, past Editor of The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and Editor of the Journal of Happiness Studies

"A very powerful lesson in understanding human potential and motivation. If every employee within an organization could read this book and apply its simple message, the enterprise would be transformed overnight."
—Curt W. Coffman
Coauthor of New York Times bestseller First, Break All the Rules and Follow This Path

"Profound truths take few words to express and yet have lasting impacts. This book encourages, educates, and inspires."
— Edward "Chip" Anderson, Ph.D.
Professor of Education and Leadership, Azusa Pacific University and coauthor of StrengthsQuest: Discover and Develop Your Strengths in Academics, Career, and Beyond

"This book summarizes fifty years of scientific breakthroughs in less than an hour."
— Herman Cain
Former Chairman and CEO, Godfather's Pizza, Inc.

readers index
Reader's Index 
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• "Each of us has an invisible bucket. It is constantly emptied or filled, depending on what others say or do to us. When our bucket is full, we feel great. When it's empty, we feel awful.

Each of us also has an invisible dipper. When we use that dipper to fill other people's buckets -- by saying or doing things to increase their positive emotions -- we also fill our own bucket. But when we use that dipper to dip from others' buckets -- by saying or doing things that decrease their positive emotions -- we diminish ourselves.

Like the cup that runneth over, a full bucket gives us a positive outlook and renewed energy. Every drop in that bucket makes us stronger and more optimistic.

But an empty bucket poisons our outlook, saps our energy, and undermines our will. That's why every time someone dips from our bucket, it hurts us.

So we face a choice every moment of every day: We can fill one another's buckets, or we can dip from them. It's an important choice -- one that profoundly influences our relationships, productivity, health, and happiness." Pg. 15

Fast Facts From How Full Is Your Bucket?
  • The number-one reason people leave their jobs: They don't feel appreciated.
  • 65% of Americans received no recognition in the workplace last year.
  • Bad bosses could increase the risk of stroke by 33%.
  • A study found that negative employees can scare off everycustomer they speak with--for good.
  • 9 out of 10 people say they are more productive when they're around positive people.
  • Relentless negativity resulted in a 38% POW death rate -- the highest in U.S. military history.
  • We experience approximately 20,000 individual moments every day.
  • The magic ratio: 5 positive interactions for every 1 negative interaction.
  • Too much positive emotion? More than 13 positive interactions for every 1 negative interaction could decrease productivity.
  • Extending longevity: Increasing positive emotions could lengthen life span by 10 years.


About the Authors

Tom Rath is a Global Practice Leader at The Gallup Organization. He has led in the creation of assessments, books, and professional development programs, including the science, technology, and language underpinning the best-selling book, Now, Discover Your Strengths. Tom holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and is pursuing a graduate degree from Johns Hopkins. He lives in Washington, D.C.

Donald O.Clifton, Ph.D. (1924-2003), was cited by the American Psychological Association as the Father of Strengths Psychology and the Grandfather of Positive Psychology. He was a chairman of Gallup, Inc., and he invented the Clifton StrengthsFinder, an assessment that has helped more than 1 million people around the world discover their talents. He coauthored several books, including the bestseller Now, Discover Your Strengths.

Table of Contents
The Theory of the Dipper and the Bucket15
1Negativity Kills17
2Positivity, Negativity, and Productivity27
3Every Moment Matters43
4Tom's Story: An Overflowing Bucket65
5Making it Personal79
6Five Strategies for Increasing Positive Emotions85
Suggested Reading122

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