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Sixty Trends in Sixty Minutes
Sam Hill

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Format: Hardcover, 282pp.
ISBN: 9780471225805
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Pub. Date: August 2002

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Item No: 9780471225805

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher: 
Famed marketing guru Sam Hill, whom Fortune has called a "Madison Avenue Bigfoot" and a "Top Ten Mind," offers an enlightened look into the future and reveals the trends that will have the biggest impact on marketing, brand management, and product development over the next decade. He sifts through the fads to uncover the important and lasting movements, and gives marketing professionals a whirlwind tour of the fundamental changes to come and the consumer trends those changes will lead to.

With an eye toward the future, Hill explains not just the trends themselves but also the worldwide forces that lie beneath them–rapid population growth, exponentially better technology, urbanization, globalization, and interconnectedness. Packed with over 2,000 statistics and examples, Sixty Trends in Sixty Minutes looks at the opportunities these trends create and how to realize them. Savvy marketers would be wise to study the powerful global forces that are changing our world today in order to learn who their customers will be tomorrow.

Sixty Trends in Sixty Minutes shows marketers how to recognize and profit from nascent trends and also provides practical solutions for marketers in need of a quick fix. It offers proven strategies for exploiting current trends in everyday marketing situations, and presents case studies of brand phenomena like Starbucks and Madonna that explore the creative ways in which forward-thinking individuals have successfully exploited trends that they understood well before anyone else. Hill dissects a rapidly changing world into useful parts with humor, foresight, and purpose, making this book an essential read not only for marketers but for consumers who want to understand the forces at work in the marketplace.

"This is a terrific book. Useful, stimulating, and fun. Helpful not only in business but in general day-to-day life."
—Christopher J. D. Ainsley, President and CEO Wolters Kluwer, International Health & Science

"Tired of asking yourself ‘How did they know that trend was worth jumping on so early in the game?’ Sixty Trends in Sixty Minutes helps marketers decide if the ripple is just a ripple or the next big wave."
—Dan Hanrahan, Senior Vice President of Marketing Royal Caribbean International

"Herman Kahn, Alvin Toffler, John Naisbitt are only a few of the trend analysts who’ve broken through into public consciousness. Sam Hill does them all one better; he shows you how to build businesses from his observations."
—Randall Rothenberg, Chief Marketing Officer, Booz Allen Hamilton Author of Where the Suckers Moon: The Life and Death of an Advertising Campaign

"The need for understanding the changing consumer has never been greater. Rich in facts, examples, and thought, Sixty Trends in Sixty Minutes makes evident the forces that are shaping consumers all over the world."
—Bob Schmetterer, Chairman and CEO Euro RSCG Worldwide

"In Sixty Trends in Sixty Minutes, Sam Hill brings together the insights of a futurist, the literary flair of a great journalist, and the analytical rigor of a top corporate strategist. This book should be on every senior executive’s night table."
—Reggie Van Lee, Vice President and Managing Partner Booz Allen Hamilton

"Sam Hill’s Sixty Trends in Sixty Minutes gets better and better as one reads it–exactly what one wants from a book discerning trends. Invest an hour in this insightful book and you’ll not read the daily newspaper the same again."
—B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore, coauthors of The Experience Economy

About the Author 
Sam Hill is the cofounder of the Helios Consulting Group, which helps top management solve complex strategic problems. He was previously a partner and Chief Marketing Officer at Booz Allen Hamilton and Vice Chairman of DMB&B, a top-twenty global advertising agency. His writing has appeared in such publications as the Harvard Business Review, Strategy & Business, Fortune, Ad Age, The Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times. He is also the coauthor of Radical Marketing and The Infinite Asset: Managing Brands to Build New Value.

Table of Contents
1Is Purple the Next Black?1
2The Trendmeister Hall of Fame5
3Fads, Fashion and History15
4Economic and Geo-political Trends23
5Technology Trends51
6Societal Trends89
7Consumer Trends123
8Business Trends157
9Workplace Trends193
11Final Thoughts: Book'em, Danno229
Selected Sources241

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