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Lightning in a Bottle : Proven Lessons for Leading Change

David H. Baum

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Format: Paperback, 213pp.
ISBN: 9780793135950
Publisher: Dearborn Trade
Pub. Date: June 2000

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Item No: 9780793135950

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Full of energy and insight, David Baum sparks ideas for executives and managers to embrace change. Baum has transformed his own talents from clown and fire-eater with three circus companies to lecturer at Whartons Executive Development Program and the California Institute of Technology. (Some may readily see the similarities of working in those capacities.) Baum imparts his enlightened thoughts on leading change in over 60 vignettes with titles like, Fish in Muddy Waters, Dont Eat Your Seed Corn, and Keep to the Short List. These essays impart memorable yet practical ideas to transform an organization.

Sometimes profound, sometimes hilarious, but always inspiring, change consultant David Baum offers leaders more than 60 lessons in coping with organizational change. Culled from Baums personal and professional experiences, these bite-sized anecdotes, reflections, and case studies impart memorable and practical nuggets of wisdom that leaders at all levels can implement.


"...brilliantly shows us how we can embrace change in both the personal and professional aspects of our lives."

—Angeles Arrien, Author of The Four-Fold Way

"An easy read and great reference. Lightning in a Bottle is full of good laughs and practical advice."

—Paul R. Sullivan, Director, Technology Applications and Research Shell International Exploration and Production

"This is a book of many jewels. David Baum has captured the best practices in business and entrepreneurial activities and translated them into bite-sized nuggets that are useful, illuminating, and often profound."

—Rick Little President and Founder, International Youth Foundation Former President of Americas Promise

"Entertaining, delightful, quite easily read, yet deeply profound. The reader will laugh, ponder and think then read on, more and more impressed with the importance of the subject and methodology for dealing with change suggested by this gifted author."

—John P. Flaherty, Chief Justice of Pennsylvania


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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

David Baum, Ph.D., is president of D.H. Baum & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in complex system change. Major clients include a roster of the Who's Who of the Fortune 500, such as IBM, Eastman Kodak, Shell Oil, AT&T, and Merck & Company. He also devotes one month per year to pro bono projects, including conflict resolution in Belfast; tribal revitalization in Native American communities; and serving as lead consultant for President Clintons Summit for Americas Future, chaired by Colin Powell.

Baum received his master's and doctorate degrees in organizational behavior from Temple University. A sought-aftre speaker and lecturer, Baum captivates his audiences with an eclectic background that includes stints as a clown, fire-eater, and storyteller for various circus companies.

Table of Contents
Introduction: Lightning in a Bottle
Resistance—Visible and Invisible
The Myth of the Golden Rule
The Realities We Create
The ABCs of Perception
Fight or Flight—Forms of Resistance
The Fueling Forces Behind Resistance
The Only Real Interest Is Self-Interest
The Benefits of Not Changing
Trust and Control
The Four Stages of Commitment
Getting Beyond Denial
Live in the Leap
The Only Constant
Prepare for the Worst, Expect the Best
Opening up More Time
Watch the Weather
Seek Excellence, Not Perfection
Work Your Problems Systemically
Input Does Not Equal Ownership
Seek Common Ground
Get the Whole System in the Room
Acknowledge Differences, Then Act
Tapping Your Hidden Wisdom
Walk Your Talk
Movement Happens When We Give Things Up
Find the Meaning in It All
What You Change, How You Change
Practice Bravery
Beware of Cross-Purposes
Two Magical Words
Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Great Leaders Are Inclusive, Not Exclusive
Stay Gossip-Free
Keep a Neutral Eye
Creating Clarity Through Inspiration
Stay Out of the Middle
Trust Your Instincts
Fish in Muddy Waters
Listen for the Dangerous Truth
Manage the Tension
Look for Strategic Alliances
Embrace the Unknown
Performance Buys Freedom
Vulnerability Builds Support
Think Third Stage
Name the Distractions
Do the Decent Thing
The Power of Presence
The Value of a Good Story
Do Your Research
Emotions Don't Know Logic
The Importance of Middle Management
Test Your Assumptions
Two Kinds of Motivation
Four Ingredients of Change
Don't Eat Your Seed Corn
Re-Member Your Dream
Two Keys
Keep to the Short List
The Planning Cycle
The F-Troop Factor
Can People Really Change?
The Best Words on Leadership I've Ever Read
The Greatest Gift of Change
About the Author

Customer Reviews
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