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The Acorn Principle : Discover, Explore and Grow the Seeds of Your Greatest Potential
Jim Cathcart  Foreword by Denis Waitley, Ph.D.

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Format: Paperback, 214pp.
ISBN: 9780312242848
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Pub. Date: September 1999

Average Customer Review:
personal development


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Item No: 9780312242848

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Self-Awareness—knowing your nature, your abilities, and how you react to people and situations—may well be the greatest life-management skill you can have. The Acorn Principle is a guide to doing a complete "life checkup" that will help you pinpoint your talents and strengths. Nurturing those strengths is the key to the success you've always wanted but didn't know how to attain. By reading this book and doing the simple exercises, you'll learn things about yourself that you and most people don't even suspect. You will learn:
  • Why some people attract you and others repel you
  • How to predict your instinctive reactions to various situations to understand what circumstances you thrive in and why
  • Where your intellectual blind spots are
  • Why you like and dislike certain things and how to use that knowledge to motivate yourself
  • Who are the most influential people in your life and how to connect with them and others more effectively
  • How to control your simple daily actions in such a way that you develop new abilities and continually grow a better life.

The potential to live the life of your dreams exists within you. The more you explore your talents, your relationships, and the patterns in your life, the more readily you will be able to tap into those potentials. A more fulfilling and meaningful life is possible for you without changing your nature; it will come from discovering who you already are. The mighty oak sleeps within you ... right now.


"The Acorn Principle is the product of Jim Cathcart's twenty-plus years of research in human performance. It leads you through the process of self-exploration in a way that will excite and please you. You will learn about aspects of yourself that never before caught your attention, and you'll see many new possibilities. Most of all, Jim will show you how to live...really live!"
—Denis Waitley, Ph.D. Author, Seeds of Greatness and The Psychology of Winning

"Jim Cathcart has lived a life only dreamed of by most people. He not only practices in his life what he teaches, in this book he reveals how you can fulfill your dreams. Take the Acorn Principle home; follow its prescriptions; with Jim at your side, find out how rich, full and rewarding your life can be."

—Dr. Blaine N. Lee Author, The Power Principle: Influence with Honor Vice President, Franklin Covey Company

"The Acorn Principle guides us on a fascinating journey within! If we all mastered the techniques described within this book to more fully and completely know ourselves, and we adopted the empowering and life-enhancing skills Jim teaches, we could live our lives with more purpose and direction, and with an enormous amount of joy and freedom!"

—Les Brown, Motivational Speaker/Author of Live Your Dreams and It's Not Over Till You Win

"This book is wonderful! It explains perhaps the most important single principle you can ever learn to guarantee success, happiness and lifelong prosperity."

—Brian Tracy, International Speaker/Author, Maximum Achievement and Success is a Journey

"Jim Cathcart's book is filled with practical tools to help the reader nurture self-awareness and meaningful growth. What makes it truly valuable is the principle-centered approach. Principles or natural laws control growth, our role is to nurture. The Acorn Principle is both a tribute to and a practical guide in developing the best within us all.

—A. Roger Merrill, Co-author, First Things First and The Nature of Leadership Vice President, Franklin Covey Company

"I've never seen a book that has conveyed so much useful information. With pen and paper handy, you need to read The Acorn Principle over and over and over. You will be richly rewarded for doing so.

—Vince Lombardi, Jr.

"We have entered a new era wherein human knowledge and skills are more important than ever. As technology allows us to connect with each other in new and powerful ways, the human quality of those connections becomes critical. The Acorn Principle provides a powerful guide to a lifelong process of self-exploration and discovery allowing the reader to maximize their true potential and connect with others as never before."

—Daniel Burrus, Leading technology forecaster, Author of Technotrends

"Walt Disney, who had demanding standards, would go for Jim Cathcart's comprehensive new book, The Acorn Principle. Walt told me the story about fulfillment that you'll discover in the book. You will find the Fulfillment Grid outstanding!"

—Mike Vance Speaker, and Chairperson Creative Thinking Association, Author of Think Out of the Box and Raise the Bar

"The Acorn Principle is a masterful journey of self-discovery. It is one of those rare books that beckons you not just to read it cover to cover, but over and over. Jim Cathcart, in The Acorn Principle, has given us a road map to achieve our greatest potential. Thank you Jim!"

—Tony Alessandra, Ph.D. Author of Charisma and The Platinum Rule


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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

Jim Cathcart is the founder and CEO of the Cathcart Institute in La Jolla, California. For twenty-one years he has been training people worldwide in ways to grow their business and expand their lives. As the author of twelve books and as a featured speaker at over two thousand conventions, he has influenced the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Jim Cathcart is past president of the National Speakers Association and recipient of their highest awards, including the Cavett Award and the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame Award.

Table of Contents
Foreword by Denis Waitley, Ph.D.xiii
Introduction: How To Use This Bookxvii
Section OneKnow Your Nature1
1Never Stop Learning About Yourself3
2The Acorn Principle: The Oak Sleeps Within You11
3How Fully Are You Living Now?21
Section TwoExplore Your Nature: A Self-Guided Tour of You33
4The Living Systems In You And Around You35
5Discover What You Care About—The Seven Natural Values40
6Find Your Zone Of Optimum Personal Velocity54
7How Are You Smart—Multiple Intelligences In You68
8Explore How You Think—Your Intellectual Bandwidth79
9See How You Come Across To Others—Behavioral Style91
10Understand Your Background Imprint106
11Assemble Your Own Acorn Profile118
Section ThreeNurture Your Nature135
12How Your Relationships Define You137
13Your Search For Meaning—Outside & Inside151
14Recognize Your Psychological Blind Spots165
15The Fulfillment Grid- Two things that determine your life177
16The Future You See Defines The Person You'll Be192
Further Uses of The Acorn Principle209
Cathcart Institute211
Recommended Reading213

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