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The Mindful Corporation
Paul Nakai & Ron Schultz

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Format: Hardcover, 224pp.
ISBN: 9780964846678
Publisher: The Leadership Press
Pub. Date: October 2000

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Item No: 9780964846678

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Hard drives are packed, file cabinets are filled, and office floors are piled with the pending and pressing. There are decisions to be made about launching new products and services, projections and directions to be planned, operations opened, facilities closed, compensation packages negotiated, mergers discussed, acquisitions incorporated, and then there’s lunch. Running a corporation is often a matter of details and deadlines. But how does a CEO bring a semblance of pattern to this complex clutter? The answer is actually a quiet one. It begins with a mental shift from a mind-filled perspective to that of one that is mindful—spacious—receptive—ready to address that which it encounters without the crammed overload that too much, too many, and too fast often causes.

The Mindful Corporation provides a course of direction toward operating more conscious organizations. We will describe what “slowing it down” means in a corporate world. We will show how slowing it down actually allows an organization to move more efficiently and accomplish more. We will look at how our insights can expand and sometimes limit our decisions. What we will find through case studies of organizations already on the path to mindfulness is that as we become more aware, more mindful, more connected to our own resiliency and flexibility, we also become more adaptable, adept, and agile in operating within today’s complex environments. The outcome of which is a more productive and successful organization.


readers index
Reader's Index 
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Table of Contents
PrefaceTwo Journeys Toward Understanding Thoughtxi
1The Complex Mind-filled World1
2Organizational Healthy Functioning23
3The Role of Thought53
4Slowing It Down To Run Faster83
5Experiencing Thought99
6Mindful Leadership117
7Aligned Interactions141
8Boundaryless Coaching165
9Mindful Business179

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