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The Leader's Digest: Timeless Principles for Team and Organization Success
Jim Clemmer

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Format: Paperback, 224pp.
ISBN: 9780968467510
Publisher: TCG Press
Pub. Date: March 2003

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Item No: 9780968467510

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

In response to the phenomenal success of Growing the Distance, Jim Clemmer takes us to the next level of leadership development with The Leader’s Digest. Here the timeless principles of personal or self-leadership described in Growing the Distance are extended to the wider context of leading others. It is, as Jim says, a matter of growing our leadership from “in here” to “out there.” Using the same uniquely readable format that contributed to its predecessor’s success, The Leader’s Digest provides a wealth of quotations, anecdotes, and insightful commentary, all designed to enrich and inform anyone who is responsible for leading people – whether in a small workgroup or a huge multinational corporation.

Leadership is widely recognized as a key factor in the success of an organization, with the result that a huge “leadership industry” has developed, featuring a multitude of theories and models, as well as a confusing array of grids, charts, formulas, and buzzwords. Now, with The Leader’s Digest, bestselling author Jim Clemmer has drawn from his decades of research and management-development experience to distill all of this information down to its essentials.

For anyone who wants to get to the heart of understanding leadership, The Leader’s Digest is a must-read.


"An incredibly readable and useful collection of wit and wisdom on today's most critical success factor — leadership."
—David Chilton, author The Wealthy Barber

"If you're looking for a book that illuminates the topic of leadership in a useful, readable, and lively way, this is it."
—Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business, USC, and Co-author of GEEKS AND GEEZERS: How Era, Values and Defining Moments Shape Leaders

"The Leader's Digest is an easy and very inspiring read. Jim has managed to condense and concentrate the many perspectives, research, and wisdom on leadership into a highly digestible format that allows each reader to customize the book to his or her own needs and interests."
—Peter Urs Bender, Author of Leadership from Within

"This book is a stirring compilation of wisdom regarding leadership. It assembles thoughts from incredibly diverse sources and makes them understandable and capable of being applied. No one can read it without learning (or re-learning) some important lessons about leadership."
—John H. Zenger, Vice Chairman, Novations Group

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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

Jim Clemmer is a leading North American thinker on improving personal, team, and organization performance. A popular keynote speaker, management workshop/retreat leader, consultant, and executive coach, he has delivered thousands of presentations and given hundreds of media interviews on leadership. His international bestsellers include The VIP Strategy, Firing on All Cylinders, Pathways to Performance, and Growing the Distance.

Table of Contents
1Leaders Make the Difference
2Focus and Context: Points of Origin
3Responsibility for Choices: From Victim to Victor
4Authenticity: Let's Get Real
5Passion and Commitment: All Fired Up
6Spirit and Meaning: Matters of the Heart
7Growing and Developing: All That We Can Be
8Mobilizing and Energizing: Go, Team, Go
9Leadership is Action

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