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Leader to Leader : Enduring Insights on Leadership from the Drucker Foundation's Award-Winning Journal
Frances Hesselbein & Paul M. Cohen - Editors

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Format: Paperback, 384pp.
ISBN: 9781118193457
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Pub. Date: March 28, 2008

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Item No: 9781118193457

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Since its premier issue, the award-winning journal Leader to Leader has presented the best thinking of leaders, for leaders. This first collection of articles from the journal brings together the timely but classic wisdom of world-renowned leaders, best-selling writers, legendary thinkers, and esteemed business philosophers. Though the authors write from diverse perspectives and present their own thoughts, they weave a coherent tapestry of themes. The chapters present a vital examination of mission, leadership, innovation, the discipline of transformation, and the building of effective, productive institutions.


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Reader's Index 
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About the Editors

Frances Hesselbein is president and CEO of the Drucker Foundation in New York City. She is former CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA. She lives in NY. Paul Cohen is managing editor of the Drucker Foundation's magazine, Leader to Leader, former editor of Tom Peters' newsletter, On Achieving Excellence, and coauthor of the book, Working Wisdom.

Table of Contents

1My Mentors' Leadership Lessons3
2Managing in a World That Is Round9
3The Leader's Legacy15
4Ten Lessons from Presidents25
5Finding Your Leadership Voice37
6The Best Lesson in Leadership43
7The Discipline of Innovation53
8The Practice of Innovation57
9Making Change Happen69
10Strategic Innovation in the Quest for New Wealth81
11Making Change Stick95
12The Shape of Things to Come109
13The Search for Meaning121
14Women and the New Economy133
15Aligning Corporate Culture to Maximize High Technology143
16Good-bye, Command and Control151
17The Soul of the Network Economy163
18How Locals Can Win Global Contests175
19Leadership Secrets of a Venture Capitalist183
20Strategy in a World Without Borders189
21The Success Syndrome201
22The Habits of Effective Organizations215
23GE's Collective Genius227
24Aligning Action and Values237
25Building Companies Worthy of Devotion247
26The Mark of a Winner255
27Creating an Energized Workplace265
28The Real Keys to High Performance275
29Developing the Star Performer287
30Leading for the Long Term301
31The Secrets of Great Groups315
32Making Teams Work at the Top323
33Why Teams Don't Work335
34Coaching for Better Teamwork349
35Leadership in the Cities357
36Full Disclosure: A Strategy for Performance365
37The Invisible Side of Leadership375

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