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Peoplesmart : Developing Your Interpersonal Intelligence
Melvin L. Silberman with Freda Hansburg

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Format: Paperback, 300pp.
ISBN: 9781576750919
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Pub
Pub. Date: June 2000

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Item No: 9781576750919

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Mel Silberman, bestselling author of Active Training, Active Learning, and 101 Ways to Make Training Active, details an effective, step-by-step plan to make every relationship more successful and fulfilling.

We are all in the people business because we deal with other people all the time. But do you sometimes reach out to others only to find your efforts misunderstood or rejected? Do you wish your relationships with people close to you were more harmonious and fulfilling? PeopleSmart is a practical guide for anyone who asks these questions, which means most of us at some time or other. It reveals a powerful plan for making your relationships more productive and rewarding-whether they are with a supervisor and coworkers or a spouse, relatives, and friends-by developing your interpersonal intelligence.

In this step-by-step guide, the authors show how to develop the eight key skills and abilities of interpersonal intelligence: understanding people, explaining oneself clearly and honestly, asserting needs, seeking and giving feedback, influencing others, resolving conflict, being a team player, and shifting gears when relationships are stuck. They present a realistic and doable five-step plan for self-improvement. They explain how to see the current depth of each skill in ourselves, help us learn more about it, give clear guidance for how to develop it, and inspire us to live it every day. Through this five-step, interpersonal fitness plan, readers can learn how to

  • Listen carefully, observe body language, and interpret behaviors
  • Communicate clearly and concisely
  • Speak up about their needs
  • Motivate others to action
  • Encourage others to give helpful feedback
  • Give feedback that is descriptive, helpful, and non-blaming
  • Negotiate differences and work out a creative resolution to disputes
  • Coordinate the efforts of team members and build consensus
  • Change old, ineffective patterns, and more

PeopleSmart empowers each of us to become the kind of person who can establish solid relationships, easily connect with others, and effectively link their needs with what we have to offer. Its creative exercises, examples, and tools provide a fun and dynamic workout to help each of us strengthen our interpersonal intelligence skills and improve all our relationships. "As e-commerce 'commoditizes' the world, PeopleSmart is the preeminent intelligence. Seldom do you see scholars become this practical! Theoretically sound. Well researched. Very reader friendly!"

—Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

"PeopleSmart is an outstanding 'how-to' guide on connecting effectively with people. It's essential reading for growing important relationships in our personal and professional lives."
—Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager, Raving Fans, Empowerment Takes more than a Minute and Gung Ho!

"People with high intellect but low interpersonal effectiveness are likely to succeed only in limited areas of their lives. Here's an intelligent and clearly written book that will raise your people quotient. Read it...please!"
—Arnold A. Lazarus, ABPP Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Rutgers University

"Mel Silberman is the Leonardo da Vinci of experiential learning-a scholar, inventor, engineer, and artist-and PeopleSmart is a masterpiece. Silberman, along with colleague Freda Hansburg, has crafted the most skillfully organized, user-friendly, and personally useful handbook of interpersonal lessons and individual development activities currently available in the marketplace."
—Jim Kouzes, coauthor of The Leadership Challenge and Encouraging the Heart, Chairman Emeritus, tompeters!company

"PeopleSmart is an elegantly simple fieldbook, jampacked with everything you need for great relationships. Make it a must-read for all your relations-associates, friends, spouse-and reap the rewards of harmony, understanding and productivity."
—Chip R. Bell, coauthor of Dance Lessons: Six Steps to Great Partnerships in Business and Life

"PeopleSmart offers insight and assistance for today's biggest workplace challenges-getting things done through others."
—Ron Zemke, coauthor of Generations at Work

"PeopleSmart is at once inspirational and practical. If you want to be interpersonally effective, this book will show you the way."
—Glenn Parker, author of Team Players and Teamwork

"I found PeopleSmart to be concise and easy to understand. I believe it will be quite a useful learning tool for operational managers."
—Hiromasa Yokoi, Vice Chairman, CEO and President, Berlitz International, Inc.

"PeopleSmart gives us eight critical skills to achieve interpersonal success in all aspects of life. It's easy to read, practical, and very useful."
—Lenny T. Ralphs, Director of Strategic Management, Franklin Covey

"PeopleSmart should be required reading for all corporate executives ..Mastering even one chapter could transform a career."
—John H Reynolds, President, BMF Reynolds, Consultants in Executive Recruiting


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Reader's Index 
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About the Authors

Mel Silberman, Ph.D., is professor and coordinator of the Adult and Organizational Development Program at Temple University. He is also president of Active Training, a provider of cutting-edge business and personal development seminars based in Princeton, NJ. A licensed psychologist, he specializes in training and development, marital and family health, performance improvement, and team building. Silberman has written a dozen bestselling books for parents, business people, educators, and trainers, including Active Training, Active Learning, Confident Parenting and 101 Ways to Make Meetings Active. He is also editor of The Team and Organization Development Sourcebook and The Training and Performance Sourcebook.

Freda Hansburg, Ph.D., is a psychologist and facilitator of change at both the personal and organizational levels. She currently maintains a clinical practice with individuals and couples and directs the Technical Assistance Center, a consultation and training program at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Table of Contents
What Does It Mean to Be PeopleSmart
Becoming PeopleSmart
How PeopleSmart Are You?
PeopleSmart Skill 1: Understanding People
PeopleSmart Skill 2: Expressing Yourself Clearly
People Smart Skill 3: Asserting Your Needs
People Smart Skill 4: Exchanging Feedback
People Smart Skill 5: Influencing Others
People Smart Skill 6: Resolving Conflict
People Smart Skill 7: Being a Team Player
People Smart Skill 8: Shifting Gears
Putting It All Together

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