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Call of Duty : The Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee

J. Steven Wilkins

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Format: Hardcover, 349pp.
ISBN: 9781888952230
Publisher: Cumberland House Publishing
Pub. Date: 1997

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Item No: 9781888952230

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

According to the historian Samuel Eliot Morison, "There are but a handful of men who seem to stand above history. Robert E. Lee is preeminent among them." Although the Civil War proved to be one of the bitterest epochs of the American experience -- dividing families, sundering communities, and enforcing fierce regional enmity -- this one man was admired and respected by partisans from both sides. He was offered the command of both the Union and Confederate forces, precisely because the men of his day recognized that he was a man of impeccable character and unimpeachable courage. Indeed, his legacy recalls one of the few bright lights in a distinctly dark age.

In this new biographical study, J. Steven Wilkins examines the attributes of life and service that enable Lee almost to transcend the controversies and conflicts of the moment to become a model of leadership for all time. Captivating, informative, and inspiring, Call of Duty is a substantial contribution to the wide-ranging scholarship of the Civil War.

About the Author
J. Steven Wilkins is founder and president of the Southern Heritage Society and serves on the board of directors of the Southern League. A graduate of the University of Alabama and Reformed Theological Seminary, he produced the highly respected tape series America: The First 350 Years and produced in cooperation with Otto Scott the award-winning video A Southern Profile of the Civil War. He also has written many articles on history and theology. Pastor of the Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church since 1989, he lives in Monroe, Louisiana.


Table of Contents

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