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How To Become CEO : The Rules for Rising to the Top of Any Organization

Jeffrey J. Fox

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Format: Hardcover, 162pp.
ISBN: 9780786864379
Publisher: Hyperion
Pub. Date: October 1998

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Item No: 9780786864379

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Want to be boss? This primer from marketing entrepreneur Jeffrey J. Fox purports to help you achieve that ambition. Among his 75 bromides: Don't have a drink with the gang. Skip all office parties. Always remember your subordinates' spouses. Send handwritten notes.

In How to Become CEO, consultant Jeffrey Fox has written an insightful handbook of traits to develop for all generations of CEO aspirants - or for anyone who wants to get ahead in today's business world. Open it to any page and find a short, provocative piece of brutally honest advice written in a conversational tone. Each of the seventy-five "rules" focuses on a specific action that should be taken, a trait that needs to be developed, or a prohibition to follow. The words never and always are used frequently. These are smart, no-nonsense business messages that are meant to be revisited in your rise to the top. Anyone looking to climb the corporate ladder will be grateful for Fox's direct, pithy advice - the essentials to follow if you want to reach the top.


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About the Author

Jeffrey J. Fox is the bestselling author of How to Become a Rainmaker and How to Become CEO and the founder of Fox & Co., a premier marketing consulting company in Avon, CT. Prior to starting Fox & Co., he was VP Marketing and Corporate VP of Loctite Corporation. Fox is the subject of a top 100 Harvard Business School case study that is also thought to be the most widely taught marketing case study in the world. A frequent speaker to large organizations and groups of senior executives, he is a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, CT, and has an MBA from Harvard Business School. He lives in New Hampshire.

Table of Contents

IAlways Take the Job That Offers the Most Money1
IIAvoid Staff Jobs, Seek Line Jobs4
IIIDon't Expect the Personnel Department to Plan Your Career6
IVGet and Keep Customers8
VKeep Physically Fit11
VIDo Something Hard and Lonely13
VIINever Write a Nasty Memo15
VIIIThink for One Hour Every Day17
IXKeep and Use a Special "Idea Notebook"19
XDon't Have a Drink with the Gang20
XIDon't Smoke22
XIISkip All Office Parties24
XIIIFriday is "How Ya' Doin'?" Day26
XIVMake Allies of Your Peers' Subordinates28
XVKnow Everybody by Their First Name29
XVIOrganize "One-Line Good-Job" Tours31
XVIIMake One More Call33
XVIIIArrive Forty-five Minutes Early and Leave Fifteen Minutes Late35
XIXDon't Take Work Home from the Office37
XXEarn Your "Invitation Credentials"39
XXIAvoid Superiors When You Travel42
XXIIEat in Your Hotel Room44
XXIIIWork, Don't Read Paperbacks, on the Airplane46
XXIVKeep a "People File"47
XXVSend Handwritten Notes49
XXVIDon't Get Buddy-Buddy with Your Superiors51
XXVIIDon't Hide an Elephant53
XXVIIIBe Visible: Practice WACADAD55
XXIXAlways Take Vacations57
XXXAlways Say "Yes" to a Senior Executive Request59
XXXINever Surprise Your Boss61
XXXIIMake Your Boss Look Good, and Your Boss's Boss Look Better63
XXXIIINever Let a Good Boss Make a Mistake65
XXXIVGo to the Library One Day a Month67
XXXVAdd One Big New Thing to Your Life Each Year69
XXXVIStudy These Books71
XXXVII"Dress for a Dance"73
XXXVIIIOverinvest in People75
XXXIXOverpay Your People78
XL"Stop, Look, and Listen"81
XLIBe a Flag-Waving Company Patriot83
XLIIFind and Fill the "Data Gaps"85
XLIIIHomework, Homework, Homework87
XLIVNever Panic ... Or Lose Your Temper89
XLVLearn to Speak and Write in Plain English92
XLVITreat All People as Special95
XLVIIBe a Credit Maker, Not a Credit Taker97
XLVIIIGive Informal Surprise Bonuses99
XLIXPlease, Be Polite with Everyone101
LTen Things to Say That Make People Feel Good103
LIThe Glory and the Glamour Come after the Gruntwork105
LIITinker, Tailor, Try107
LIIIHaste Makes Waste110
LIVPour the Coals to a Good Thing113
LVPut the Importance on the Bright Idea, Not the Source of the Idea115
LVIStay Out of Office Politics117
LVIILook Sharp and Be Sharp119
LVIIIEmulate, Study, and Cherish the Great Boss121
LIXDon't Go Over Budget123
LXNever Underestimate an Opponent125
LXIAssassinate the Character Assassin with a Single Phrase127
LXIIBecome a Member of the "Shouldn't Have Club"129
LXIIIThe Concept Doesn't Have to Be Perfect, but the Execution of It Does131
LXIVRecord and Collect Your Mistakes with Care and Pride133
LXVLive for Today; Plan for Tomorrow; Forget about Yesterday135
LXVIHave Fun, Laugh136
LXVIITreat Your Family as Your Number One Client138
LXVIIINo Goals, No Glory140
LXIXAlways Remember Your Subordinates' Spouses142
LXXSee the Job through the Salespeople's Eyes144
LXXIBe a Very Tough "Heller Seller"146
LXXIIDon't Be an Empire Builder149
LXXIIIPush Products, Not Paper151
LXXIVTo Teach Is to Learn and to Lead154
LXXVDo Not Get Discouraged by the Idea Killers156

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