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What It Takes To Be Number #1: Vince Lombardi on Leadership

Vince Lombardi, Jr.

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Format: Paperback, 278pp.
ISBN: 9780071420365
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Pub. Date: September 2003

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Item No: 9780071420365

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Leadership continues to be one of the most written-about and most trained-for qualities in business today. And no figure so fully embodies the leadership qualities managers hope to cultivate in their professional and personal lives as the late Vince Lombardi, the greatest NFL coach of all time.

The exalted place Lombardi holds in American culture has never been clearer than it is today, as evidenced by the enormous success of the 1999 bestseller, When Pride Still Mattered, as well as the vast popularity of the coach's son, Vince Lombardi, Jr., America's most sought-after motivational speaker.

In this inspiring book, Vince Lombardi, Jr. explores his father's leadership philosophy, and extracts powerful lessons about what it takes to be an effective leader. Taking as his jumping-off point his father's legendary 1970 speech on the supreme importance of self-knowledge, character, and integrity, Lombardi, Jr. examines each of those qualities and offers guidelines on cultivating and applying them at work and in your personal life.

Throughout, the book is enlivened by personal anecdotes and quotes about and by his father, as well as quotes from other great leaders providing further wisdom and inspiration.

"Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all the time thing."

—Vince Lombardi

Legendary coach Vince Lombardi—loved by some, feared by others, but respected by all—was first and foremost a winner. His unparalleled ability to inspire greatness and mold disparate groups of individuals into dominating championship teams made Lombardi an icon both on and off the playing field. For decades, writers have attempted to capture Lombardi's compelling model of success. Until now, however, the man and his methods have remained a fascinating enigma.

In What It Takes to Be #1, the only person who could truly understand Vince Lombardi's unrelenting passion for winning—his son, Vince Lombardi Jr.—reveals the bedrock principles behind his father's legendary methods. Closely examining the leadership insights of Coach Vince Lombardi through the words of his most famous speech, Vince Jr. explores the fundamental leadership qualities—character, mental toughness, and integrity—that Lombardi considered essential for success. He then shows how to skillfully apply those qualities, and inspire others to achieve extraordinary results.

What It Takes to Be #1 is the first personal—yet decidedly practical—exploration of Vince Lombardi's all-or-nothing approach to winning. For all business leaders, or those who aspire to leadership, it provides a blueprint for achieving Lombardi-like success in virtually any endeavor.

I would say that the quality of each man's life is the full measure of that man's personal commitment to excellence and to victory—whether it be football, whether it be business, whether it be politics or government or what have you.

Leadership is one of the most sought-after, written-about and trained-for qualities in business today. And no figure so fully embodies the leadership qualities managers hope to cultivate in their professional and personal lives as the legendary Vince Lombardi, widely considered one of the greatest coaches of the modern football era.

As coach of the Green Bay Packers from 1959 to 1967, Coach Lombardi turned a perennial loser into a juggernaut, winning NFL titles in 1961, 1962, and 1965 in addition to Super Bowls I and II in 1966 and 1967. His uncanny ability to motivate his players, his extraordinary capacity to inspire them to test and exceed the limits of their physical and mental endurance, and his insatiable drive to succeed made him the standard against which all NFL coaches are measured.

In What It Takes to Be #1, Vince Lombardi, Jr. explores his father's successful leadership philosophy and extracts powerful lessons from it about what it takes to be an effective leader. These are lessons he learned from his close relationship with his father and refined through his many years of experience in the business world.

Taking as his jumping-off point his father's memorable 1970 speech on the critical importance of self-knowledge, character, and integrity, Vince Jr. examines each of those qualities, in turn, and offers clear guidelines on how to cultivate and apply the Lombardi leadership model both at work and in your personal life.

And, throughout What it Takes to Be #1, Vince Jr. shares inspiring personal anecdotes about the great man in action, both on the football field and off. He also reproduces many poignant quotes by and about his father, invoking the voice of Lombardi, and instilling readers with the invaluable leadership principles they need to succeed in today's ever-changing workplace.

Great leaders aren't born, they're made. What it Takes to Be #1 arms everyone who aspires to become a leader with powerful lessons they can put into practice immediately and will continue to resonate and grow in their hearts and minds for many years to come.

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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

Vince Lombardi Jr. is a writer, attorney, and motivational speaker. A former member of the Minnesota state legislature, Lombardi has held a number of executive positions in professional football. He is also the author of The Essential Vince Lombardi.

Table of Contents
Part IThe Foundation of Leadership: What It Takes to be #1
Chapter 1Lombardi on Lombardi
Chapter 2The Vince Lombardi Leadership Model
Chapter 3Self-Knowledge: The First Step to Leadership
Chapter 4Character and Integrity
Chapter 5Developing Winning Habits
Part IIInspiring Others to Greatness: How to Lead Like Vince Lombardi
Chapter 6Teaching, Coaching, and Leading
Chapter 7Building the Winning Organization
Chapter 8Motivating the Team to Extraordinary Performance
Chapter 9Vince Lombardi on Winning

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