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Failing Forward: How to Make the Most of Your Mistakes

John C. Maxwell

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Format: Hardcover, 224pp.
ISBN: 9780785274308
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Pub. Date: March 2000

Available in Paperback

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Item No: 9780785274308

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

The major difference between achieving people and average people is their perception of and response to failure. John C. Maxwell takes a closer look at failure—and reveals that the secret of moving beyond failure is to use it as a lesson and a stepping-stone. He covers the top reasons people fail and shows how to master fear instead of being mastered by it. Readers will discover that positive benefits can accompany negative experiences—if you have the right attitude. Chock full of action suggestions and real-life stories, Failing Forward is a strategic guide that will help men and women move beyond mistakes to fulfill their potential and achieve success.

The not-talked-about, terrible truth is that all roads to achievement lead through the land of failure. Every person you admire has walked this road: the Wright brothers, Arnold Palmer, Mary Kay Ash, Truett Cathey, Erma Bombeck, Tony Gwynn, Amelia Earhart, Sergio Zyman, Hank Aaron, George Bernard Shaw and Mother Teresa have all experienced failure and learned how to turn it into a stepping stone for success. Leadership expert Peter Drucker says, "The better a man is, the more mistakes he will make, for the more new things he will try." Mistakes really do pave the road to achievement. Let John Maxwell teach you the 15 steps to turning mistakes into steppingstones for success!

About the Author

John Maxwell known as America's expert on leadership, is founder of the INJOY Group, an organization dedicated to helping people maximize their personal and leadership potential. Each year Maxwell speaks in person to more than 250,000 people and influences the lives of more than one million people through seminars, books and tapes. He is the best selling author of twenty-five books, including The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Failing Forward, Developing the Leader Within You, and The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Table of Contents
Preface: Becoming a REAL Successix
1.What's the Main Difference Between People Who Achieve and People Who Are Average?1
Redefining Failure and Success
2.Get a New Definition of Failure and Success11
3.If You've Failed, Are You a Failure?23
4.You're Too Old to Cry, but It Hurts Too Much to Laugh35
5.Find the Exit Off the Failure Freeway47
Do You Mind Changing Your Mind?
6.No Matter What Happens to You, Failure Is an Inside Job61
7.Is the Past Holding Your Life Hostage?73
8.Who Is This Person Making These Mistakes?87
9.Get Over Yourself--Everyone Else Has99
Embracing Failure As a Friend
10.Grasp the Positive Benefits of Negative Experiences113
11.Take a Risk--There's No Other Way to Fail Forward123
12.Make Failure Your Best Friend137
Increasing Your Odds for Success
13.Avoid the Top Ten Reasons People Fail153
14.The Little Difference Between Failure and Success Makes a Big Difference167
15.It's What You Do After You Get Back Up That Counts179
16.Now You're Ready to Fail Forward191
About the Author209

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