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Insights on Leadership : Service, Stewardship, Spirit, and Servant-Leadership

Larry C. Spears (Editor)

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Format: Hardcover, 398pp.
ISBN: 9780471176343
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Pub. Date: October 1997

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Item No: 9780471176343

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

"It is one of the great ironies of our age that we created organizations to constrain our problematic human natures, and now the only thing that can save these organizations is a full appreciation of the expansive capacities of us humans." --Margaret J. Wheatley from "What Is Our Work?"

Leadership without hierarchy? Organization in a whirlwind of change? Community and shared responsibility in a global village? Soul in a free-enterprise world? Robert Greenleaf's visionary theory of Servant-Leadership continues to engage many of the best minds in and out of business. Greenleaf's prescriptions for employee empowerment and organizational change continue to achieve nothing short of miraculous results in organizations worldwide. As one enthusiastic observer wrote in Fortune magazine, "Once the consensus is forged, watch out: With everybody on board, your so-called implementation proceeds 'wham-bam.'"

In this sequel to the critically acclaimed Reflections on Leadership, many of today's most respected business thinkers share their insights into key aspects of Robert Greenleaf's revolutionary thinking. Over the course of 33 essays, a dream team consisting of such luminaries as Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Peter Block, Margaret Wheatley, John Schuster, and James Autry explore how Greenleaf has influenced today's business leaders and discuss a range of leadership principles at the heart of his philosophy, including stewardship, the spirit of the workplace, and the concept of healing leadership.

A source of inspiration and instruction, Insights on Leadership is required reading for senior executives, community leaders, and managers in for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

These thought-provoking essays look at Robert Greenleaf's concept of servant leadership--the tenet of empowering employees--and explore how the philosophy of this former AT&T Director of Management Research has influenced today's business leaders. This anthology also examines broader leadership topics such as stewardship, the spirit of the workplace and the concept of leading with "soul."


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About the Editor

LARRY C. SPEARS has been Executive Director of The Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership since 1990. He is also a writer, editor, and speaker who has published over 300 articles, essays, and book reviews. Mr. Spears is the editor of the acclaimed Reflections on Leadership: How Robert K. Greenleaf's Theory of Servant-Leadership Influenced Today's Top Management Thinkers (Wiley) and coeditor of On Becoming a Servant-Leader and Seeker and Servant.

Table of Contents
Servant-Leadership (R. Greenleaf)
Servant-Leadership Revisited (K. Blanchard)
On the Path to Servant-Leadership (L. Lad & D. Luechauer)
Trust: The Invaluable Asset (J. Lowe)
From Leadership to Citizenship (P. Block)
Followership in a Leadership World (R. Kelley)
Healing Leadership (J. Sturnick)
Leading from Within (P. Palmer)
Seeking the Soul of Business (C. Wicker)
Destiny and the Leader (J. Jaworski)
Servants, Egos, and Shoeshines: A World of Sacramental Possibility (J. Schuster)
Finding Your Voice (J. Kouzes)
What is Our Work? (M. Wheatley)
Afterword: Understanding Robert K. Greenleaf and Servant-Leadership (D. Frick)
About the Editor and The Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership
Permissions and Copyrights
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