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Retire Young, Retire Rich

Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter

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Format: Paperback, 264pp.
ISBN: 9780446678438
Publisher: Warner Books
Pub. Date: January 2002

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Item No: 9780446678438

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:


It's the American dream-making so much money at an early age that you could decide when to retire, knowing full well that you have enough stashed away to ensure a life of comfort. In this new book, the fifth in the Rich Dad series, financial guru Robert Kiyosaki provides practical insight on how to put together a financial plan which will not only make you prosperous, but will also allow you to map out the freedom to choose your own retirement age.

Built upon Kiyosaki's own personal experiences; he retired at the age of 49; he shows how you can take advantage of smart investments in real estate and in the stock market to help you control your own financial destiny.

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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

Born and raised in Hawaii, Robert T. Kiyosaki co-founded an international education company that operated in seven countries, teaching business to tens of thousands of graduates. Now retired, Robert does what he enjoys most...investing. Concerned about the growing gap between the haves and have nots, Robert created the board game CASHFLOW, which teaches the game of money, here before only known by the rich.

Sharon L. Lechter is a wife and mother of three, CPA, consultant to the toy and publishing industries and business owner. As co-oauthor of RICH DAD, POOR DAD and THE CASHFLOW QUADRANT, she now focuses her efforts in helping to create educational tools for anyone interested in bettering their own financial education."

Table of Contents
Introduction: Why David Met Goliathxiii
Section IThe Leverage of Your Mind
Chapter 1How to Become Rich and Retire Young3
Chapter 2Why Retire as Young as You Can?13
Chapter 3How I Retired Early21
Chapter 4How You Can Retire Early33
Chapter 5The Leverage of Your Mind45
Chapter 6What Do You Think Is Risky?61
Chapter 7How to Work Less and Earn More73
Chapter 8The Fastest Way to Get Rich Quick: A Summary of Mental Leverage89
Section IIThe Leverage of Your Plan
Chapter 9How Fast Is Your Plan?99
Chapter 10The Leverage of Seeing a Rich Future115
Chapter 11The Leverage of Integrity139
Chapter 12The Leverage of Fairy Tales151
Chapter 13The Leverage of Generosity167
Section IIIThe Leverage of Your Actions
Chapter 14The Leverage of Habits193
Chapter 15The Leverage of Your Money209
Chapter 16The Leverage of Real Estate221
Chapter 17The Leverage of Paper Assets239
Chapter 18The Leverage of a B Quadrant Business275
Chapter 19Hot Tips291
Chapter 20The Final Exam319
Section IVThe Leverage of the First Step
Chapter 21How to Keep Going325
In Closing331

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