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In Search of Leaders

Hilarie Owen

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Format: Hardcover, 192pp.
ISBN: 9780471491972
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Pub. Date: June 2001

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Item No: 9780471491972

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

The concept of leadership is turned on its head in this book. Hilarie Owen demonstrates that leadership is not just for those who have achieved positions at the top of their organization. There is leadership potential in everyone. The question is, how do you release that untapped reservoir of potential? Or, more accurately, how do you transform the reluctant individuals who do not believe they have the raw material to be leaders within their chosen environment. In Search of Leaders provides the answers. Hilarie Owen has created a three stage model that will take you on a journey of discovery about yourself, about the world in which you have to operate, and about how you can face the challenges in your own sphere of experience.

The odyssey In Search of Leaders takes you right back to the Ancient Greeks, through the Industrial Revolution, and on to see glimpses of how the future could be. With a mix of storytelling, allusion and references drawn from the great philosophers, scientists, poets and management thinkers over the centuries, this book is truly enlightening and inspirational. From Plato to Star Wars, and from Blake to Mandela, Hilarie Owen’s commentary on leadership is as expansive as it is insightful.

Her wide-ranging discussion reflects her idea of encouraging us, the readers, to take the ‘world view’. She brings into focus not only the latest thinking on leadership, but also some of the classical thinking that has underpinned the activities and beliefs of organizations and the societies in which they exist, for many centuries.

The motivational tools to unlock the leadership potential within each of us for business. Traditionally, the concept of leadership has been viewed in relation to the hierarchy of a company's organization; heroes and heroines rise to the top and those lower down the ladder look to them for guidance. This book promotes the idea that everyone has the ability to unlock the leadership potential within, regardless of their position in the organizational hierarchy. It takes an intriguing, counterintuitive approach to the leadership ideal and supports it with a combination of extensive research, numerous inspirational anecdotes, and the author's considerable experience as a consultant to leading international firms, including Motorola, the Bank of England, and SmithKline Beecham.

Readers will uncover many different ways in which different people on different paths can unlock their leadership potential. This book helps readers analyze the "dynamic urge," which translates into leadership potential and clearly demonstrates how newfound leadership abilities can be translated into a corporate structure.


"This book is thought provoking and challenging, and has a good reference section for further reading against each chapter. It got better and better as I read on, and is highly recommended to readers."
Training Journal, September 2000


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About the Author

Hilarie Owen’s career began in the field of marketing with IBM and another blue chip company. She spent a year with the Government’s Department of Trade and Industry launching The Enterprise Initiative. Broadening her career to Management Consultancy she eventually took the plunge to set up her own consultancy at the beginning of 1991 working with organizations in the private and public sectors. Following the success of her book Creating Top Flight Teams, she has worked world wide developing first class teams. Hilarie has spoken at conferences around the world, lectured at Cranfield Business School and advised the Department of Education and Employment. The Institute of Leadership is an initiative set up by Hilarie Owen and a small team of experienced individuals. It is a non-profit-making global network to research and develop the whole concept of leadership everywhere.

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