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Executive Presence: The Art of Commanding Respect Like a CEO
Harrison Monarth

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Format: Hardcover, 256pp.
ISBN: 9780071632874
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Pub. Date: October 30, 2009

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Item No: 9780071632874

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Take the next step toward the corner office using the art of perception management!

An expert in coaching high-level players in the art of perception management, Harrison Monarth reveals the critical difference between CEOs and those of us who wish to be CEOs. It’s not a matter of intelligence, connections, or luck. It can be summed up in two words: executive presence.

While most of us toil in obscurity and expect great things to follow, those on the path to corporate leadership spend their time perfecting the types of leadership communication skills that generate respect and get others to share their vision. They use these skills to establish how they are perceived by others and to manage their reputation throughout the organization. In other words, these soon-tobe top players have developed the presence of an executive through careful image management—and they make sure they have the goods to back it up.

In Executive Presence, Monarth shows how you can seize control of your own career using the same skills. Inside, he explains how to:
  • Accurately “read” people and predict their behavior
  • Influence the perceptions of others
  • Persuade those of opposing views to your side
  • Create and maintain a personal “brand”
  • Manage and control your online reputation
  • Perform damage control when things go wrong
Monarth’s conclusions aren’t based solely on his keen insight and extensive experience; they’re the result of the latest scientifi c research in interpersonal communication and human behavior.

Talent and skills are important, but they alone won’t take you to the top of your organization. People reach highly infl uential positions because they deeply understand the power of perception and know how to leverage it in their favor. The good news is, anyone with the will to succeed can do it. Executive Presence provides all the techniques you need to take your career to the highest level of any organization.


“This book can be a key aid in helping you make it to the next level! Great coaching for anyone who is even thinking of becoming an executive!”
—Marshall Goldsmith New York Times bestselling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“On the corporate battlefield a true leader’s success is based upon his or her ability to communicate effectively, persuade others to follow a goal, and execute it. This leads to success for all. When the stakes are high, you’re well advised to read this book first.”
—Scott A. Gaines, vice president, Hertz Corporation

“If you are seriously looking to be perceived in the light you choose, Executive Presence is the book that not only answers the question, but shows you how to apply the answers.”
—Kevin Hogan, author of The Psychology of Persuasion

“Harrison Monarth is a first-rate thinker who writes as clearly as he thinks. No matter where you are on the career ladder, Executive Presence will put you a step ahead of your competition.”
—T. Scott Gross, author of Positively Outrageous Service

“Most people know that to move up in your career, you need to have self-awareness and the ability to manage the perceptions of those whose opinions count. . . . Executive Presence is your comprehensive guide to help you become more profi cient at self-marketing and the art of ethical persuasion to achieve your personal and professional goals.”
—Larina Kase, PsyD, MBA, author of The Confident Leader and coauthor of the New York Times bestseller The Confident Speaker

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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

Harrison Monarth is the founder and president of GuruMaker, a global communications consulting firm that helps Fortune 500 executives, international politicians, and other high-level professionals shape events using the skills of persuasion, image management, and media leveraging. He is the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller The Confident Speaker.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Natural Laws of Perception: How the People around You Perceive You and Your Messages
• What You’re Up Against: Filters, Lenses and Other Influencers that Distort Your Message
• How Messages and Signals Enter Our Awareness
• How to Communicate for Maximum Impact and Accurately Transmit the Message
• Perceptual Acuity: How to Accurately Perceive Messages from Others
PART ONE: Influencing People and Events – The Foundation for Success in All Communication
Chapter 2: Developing Your Social Intelligence• Social Intelligence: Buzz Word or Survival Skill?
• Doing a 360 - How to Effectively Assess Your SIQ (Social Intelligence Quotient)
• The 7 Keys to Social Intelligence
• How to Boost Your Social Intelligence Quotient in Only 7 Days
Chapter 3: How to Read People and Predict Behavior
• The Top 5 Myths About Interpreting Human Behavior
• How to Become a Human Message Decoder
• Learn How the Pars-Pro-Toto Principle Can Help You Avoid Misjudging Others
• How to Avoid Being Blinded by the Halo-Effect
• Mastering Values and Criteria Analysis to Find Out What Matters to Someone Else
• Secrets from the FBI's files: Catching Liars in the Act
• What Are They Really Thinking? Become an Expert at Reading Body Language
Chapter 4: Engineering Buy-in and Gaining Compliance
• Getting Their Attention and Keeping It – Why It's Harder Than You Think, and What You Can Do
• WhatReally Make Decisions
• Understanding Human Desire, and How It Can Help You Get What You Want
• Establishing a Strong Interpersonal Connection With Just About Anyone
• How to Inspire and Motivate People for the Long Haul
Chapter 5: Master the Art of Storytelling for Personal and Professional Success
• Why People Are Influenced by Stories
• How to Load Stories with the Key Emotional Ingredients and Engage an Audience's Emotions Through the Story
• Learn to Structure Stories for a More Powerful Effect on Your Listeners
• Use Stories to Inject Humor and Likeability Into Your Communication: Yes, You Can Become Funnier
• Enlivening Your Speeches with a Fitting Personal Story
• The 5 Storytelling Techniques That Help You Convey Complex Ideas Easily and Persuasively
• How You Can Use Stories to Motivate Your Audience to Support Your Goals
Chapter 6: Shortcuts to Influence - The Secrets to Changing Behaviors and Attitudes Fast
• Can You Persuade Without Manipulating? Recognizing Attempts at Manipulation in Yourself and Others
• Navigating the Gray Areas of Persuasion and Influence
• Powerful Insights into What Makes People Change Their Behaviors, Attitudes and Beliefs
• Ten Powerful Techniques You Can Use Right Away to Get What You Want Without Violating Your Conscience
Chapter 7: Secrets to Managing Interpersonal Conflict and Improving Strained Relationships
• Common Causes of Interpersonal Conflict
• How to Recognize and Prepare for • Ten Powerful Ways to Resolve Negative Conflict, Restore Harmony and Strengthen Interpersonal Rapport
• Don't Be All Ears – The Fine Art of Listening
• How to Use the Power of Empathy to Build Relationships
• How to Nurse a Strained Relationship Back to Health
Chapter 8: How to Hold the Conversations Nobody Wants to Have
• The Anatomy of a Difficult Conversation
• Preparing Effectively for the Difficult Conversation
• Why a Clear Objective Will Make Your Conversations Stronger and Obtain Results
• How to Deal with Emotional Outbursts and Negativity in Conversations
• How to Ask the Questions that Build Receptivity and Trust
• Voice Power: Why Your Vocal Tonality Can Mean The Difference between Conversation Success and Failure
• How to Use Body Language to Send a Message of Compassion, Empathy and Respect
• How to Summarize Your Conversations for Maximum Impact and Positive Conclusions
PART TWO: A Brand Is a Promise – What Does Your Personal Brand Say?
Chapter 9: Why Self-branding Is No Longer a Choice: And What Your Brand Says About You
• The Difference Between Random and Controlled Branding
• Start Thinking “You, Inc.”
• How to Develop Yourself Into a Compelling Brand
• How to Maintain and Grow “You, Inc.” and Build on Your Success
• What to do When Your Personal Brand Takes a Hit
Chapter 10: Branding 2.0: How to Use the Internet to Build and Expand Your Personal and Professional Brand
Cook? Two Case Studies on How Real-World Superstars Are Created Online
• How You Can Take Advantage of Social Media like YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and Others While Avoiding the Traps
• The Future Is Archived: How to Build a Consistent Brand that Keeps Building on Itself
• How to Come Up With New Ideas that Keep Your Brand Humming Online
PART THREE: The Age of 24-hour Media – If You’re Not “On,” You’re Out
Chapter 11: How the Media Creates Meaning in the Minds of Your Audience: Powerful Messages and the Art of Spin
• Learn from the Strategies of Top Communications Professionals
• Spin: Why There Is No Such Thing as Unbiased Communication, and How Everything We Say Creates Meaning
• Lessons in Spin from Frank Luntz, Wal-Mart, and BP
• Practicing the Art of Spin: Your Turn to Create Meaning via the Persuasive Rewriting Exercise
Chapter 12: How to Use the Media to Enhance Your Reputation and Raise Your Profile
• Why You Need the Media
• Know the Objectives: Yours and Theirs
• Choosing the “Right” Media to get Your Message Out
• It’s a Sound-byte World: How to Craft Compelling Quotes and Messages That Cut Through the Noise and Stand Out
• Can You Play in the Big League? How to Get on CNN, Oprah and TODAY Even When You’re Just Starting Out
• How to Master the Art of Q & A: Top Ten Techniques for Responding to Difficult Questions and Enhancing Your Credibility
• Turning the Tables: How to Take Cont Course
• What Questions to Ask Prior to the Interview
• The Importance of Grooming and Outfit
Chapter 13: Top 10 Secrets for Success with the Media
• Everything You Need to Know to Turn Media Opportunities into Public Relations and Business Success
PART FOUR: Reputation Management – Your Good Name Is All You Have
Chapter 14: You’ve Been Googled – What’s the Verdict?
• How the Innocent Can Take a Beating on Google: a Case Study
• Why the Search Engines Can Make or Break Your Reputation and What You Can Do to Influence Public Perception
• The Top 10 Most Common Mistakes People Make to Sabotage Their Reputation How You Can Avoid Them
Chapter 15: Reputation Management 2.0
• The Top 5 Misconceptions About a Crisis Situation and Major Threats to Your Reputation
• Crisis Intelligence 101: How to Recognize the Many Faces of a Potential Crisis
• Dealing with a Crisis: How to Prevent the Smoke from Becoming a Fire
• Reputation in Peril: Quick Steps to Effective Crisis Management
• Top Strategies to Protecting Your Good Name
• Crucial Lessons from Movers and Shakers in the World of Politics and Business
Chapter 16: When the Damage Is Done – Repairing Your Reputation, Regaining Credibility and Trust
• Objectively Assessing the Damage
• Why You Need to Know Exactly Who Got Hurt, How and Why
• How Rumors Are Created and How You Can Stop Them Before they Spin Out of Control
• How to Identify Allies a Comeback
• Designing Your Credibility Comeback Plan Step-by-Step – Ten Secrets to Rebuilding Your Credibility
• You Can't Go Back – How to Reposition Yourself for Future Success
• How to Keep the Trust You’ve Worked So Hard to Get

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