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Leadership Pure and Simple: How Transformative Leaders Create Winning Organizations
David Wilkins and Greg Carolin

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Format: Hardcover, 305pp.
ISBN: 9780071791823
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Pub. Date: September 21, 2012

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Item No: 9780071791823

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Seize control of your company's future--even in times of business disruption and market turmoil

From expanding global markets to an intensifying "war" for human resources, disruptive shifts are now a fact of business life. The ability to anticipate and adapt to such changes is what will separate the winners from the losers in the very near future. Creating the organizational agility necessary to compete in this new environment doesn't begin with the brute force of spending huge sums of money. Nor will a "bulletproof" business strategy or a culture of innovation magically transpire without the right foundations in place.

You have to begin where all business success starts--with Leadership Pure and Simple.

Leadership Pure and Simple gives you the tools to turn today's toughest business challenges into transformative opportunities for profitability and growth. By approaching leadership in a number of ways--including as a strategist, an innovator, a decision maker, a critical thinker, and a process manager--you can lead your company to profitability and growth no matter what the global economy throws your way.

Leadership Pure and Simple addresses the broadest and most important changes occurring in society today to help you:
  • Develop strategies built around a central core that are refl ective of local strategic variables
  • Inspire greater degrees of innovation
  • Eschew a defensive "batten down the hatches" approach and look ahead to exploit new opportunities when economic conditions improve
  • Develop a business model for attracting and retaining the best people to meet your goals
  • Foresee how everything from climate change to the expanding gap between rich and poor will affect your particular industry
The fallout from our rapidly changing global economy hasn't occurred in force yet. But it's coming. Read Leadership Pure and Simple and learn how to adapt your company to the upheaval going on around it and lead it to ultimate success.


"[DPI's] process has been a key catalyst of our growth."
—HOMAS CHUA, chairman, Teckwah Industrial Corporation

"The DPI process requires the organization and all its key managers to quite extensively draw on their collective knowledge and experience to formulate answers to the challenging questions framed. We found it easier to do [innovate and change the game] based on the methodology, because the leadership itself had crafted the new strategy and the new business concept."

"All the knowledge you need [to create a strategy] resides in the head of your own people, and all you need is a process to extract that and look at it differently. It is a powerful concept and the right concept for every organization. I've used it at three organizations and in each case the results have been spectacular."
—STEVE BONNER, CEO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

"New products are the lifeblood of our company. We put this process into place about 18 months ago. And after 18 months, 30 percent of our sales come from new products."

"Once again, the capable team at DPI has taken a difficult topic and applied their extensive experience in strategic thinking and execution to provide a well-structured, simple, and easy-to-follow approach to building a winning organization."
—MARTIN BANNER, CEO, National Airways Corporation

"We thought that if we went through this process, we would get a common understanding and buy-in to our business philosophy. And it defi nitely achieved that objective."
—LAURIE DIPPENAAR, Chair, First Rand Limited

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About the Authors

David Wilkins is the managing partner of DPI Singapore and works with clients across Asia to help them improve the quality of their strategic and operational decisions. He spearheads the development and enhancement of the company's Strategy Execution Framework and Situation Management Processes. Greg Carolin is the managing partner of DPI Africa and has extensive experience working with organizations across a variety of industries in South Africa and the United Kingdom, helping them improve the quality of their critical business decisions. He focuses on the ongoing development of all the company's Critical Thinking Processes for application across industries.

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