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Thank God It's Monday! How to Create a Workplace You and Your Customers Love

Roxanne Emmerich

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Format: Hardcover, 192pp.
ISBN: 9780138158057
Publisher: FT Press
Pub. Date: May 19, 2009

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Item No: 9780138158057

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Thank God It’s Monday! is about loving what you’re doing and creating massive results. Roxanne Emmerich introduces you to two CEOs: one desperately struggling to stay afloat and another who’s discovered a better route to growth and profitability. As you join them both on their journey, you’ll gain valuable insights for jumpstarting positive change from anywhere in the organization…replacing dysfunctional organizational behaviors with passion and creativity…overcoming setbacks…making vision and values actually work!

Whether you’re on the front line, in an office, or running the show, you’ll see how to:
• Replace dysfunctional behaviors with passion and creativity
• Overcome setbacks with a “bring it on” attitude
• Breathe results-generating life into vision and values
• Think big and make big things happen

Thank God It’s Monday! presents a unique approach that makes an impact on three groups at once:
• Employees discover how to win at work and love their work
• Companies turn around results quickly and profoundly
• Customers experience a powerful and visible commitment to their success

You will shift from a “why we can’t” to a “how we can” workplace...in one day! Your customers will go crazy about you. You will find yourself loving to go to work where everyone exclaims, Thank God It’s Monday!


“Thank God Roxanne is willing to share her special mix of motivation and proven methods to supercharge your workplace. Readers will move from ‘Thank God It’s Monday’ to ‘I Wish Every Day Could Be Monday.’”
—Harvey Mackay, author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

"Thank God It's Monday! is a mantra all organizations should chant. This book helps you not only see the joy that work can bring but it gives you ways to bring it to life. Buy this book only if you truly want to transform your organization."
—John Christensen, creator of the FISH! Philosophy and coauthor of FISH!

“Roxanne Emmerich provides an important reminder that trust, integrity, accountability, and FUN are the cornerstones of real business results. Changing the culture of your workplace can be challenging but delivers an undeniable return. Given we spend at least a third of our adult lives at work, we should all aim to wake up after the weekend and shout, ‘TGIM!’”
—Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chief Marketing Officer, Eastman Kodak Company

“Read Thank God It’s Monday! and let Roxanne Emmerich’s engaging stories and inspiring ideas help you create passion in your organization. The words ‘love’ and ‘work’ can be used in the same sentence!”
—Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and author of Leading at a Higher Level

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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

Roxanne Emmerich has consulted with half of the nation’s top 1% performing financial institutions as well as hundreds of other business leaders. Her book, Profit-Growth Banking, has been called “the bible of successful business.” A 20-year management consultant and three-time Entrepreneur of the Year winner, Roxanne has proven that companies grow when their people grow. Thank God It’s Monday! outlines a system for bringing profits and fun to business. She shows how to create a "Thank God It’s Monday" workplace with employees on fire and a bottom line that proves it. She uses her "Kick-Butt Kick-Off" strategy to create immediate culture shifts and achieve tangible results.
A member of the National Speakers Hall of Fame, she is noted by Sales and Marketing Management magazine as one of the most requested speakers for instilling a “bring it on” attitude. She has written hundreds of articles and is frequently interviewed by national media for practical business insights. A distinguished alum of the University of Wisconsin, Roxanne served as a key advisor to former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson and as Editor-in-Chief of Extraordinary Banker magazine. She is also the founder of Permission to Be Extraordinary Summit, an executive breakthrough program run by her company, The Emmerich Group. Roxanne resides in Minneapolis with her husband and children.

Table of Contents

Part I A Problem…or an Opportunity?
1“Thank God It’s Monday”5
2There Really ARE Good Places to Work9
3But I’ve Got a Business to Run17
4Who Can Take Action–Everyone!25
Part II Rock Your World: Initiating Change
5Shifting a Company’s Gears: The Unreasonable Premise31
6Tales from the Trenches: Front-Line Workers Who Can Think Big41
7Vision it Possible49
8Commit to Your Commitments57
9Have Yourself a Kick-Butt Kick-Off 63
10Hooplas & High Fives & Cheerleading: The Everyday Celebration71
11Hooplas & High Fives & Cheerleading: The Ongoing Everyday Celebration75
12Measure Everything!81
Part III The “How To” Toolbox for Making Any Workplace Better
13Get a Brand New Attitude91
14Enthusiasm: Light That Fire in Your Belly99
15Life Balance: ShowUp Fully No Matter Where You Are103
16Values as Your True North111
17Bravely Go Beyond the Job Description115
18Giving: Ignited Spirits Through Profound Service119
Part IV Obstacles…or Minor Speed Bumps? Clear the Road Blocks and Saboteurs: Ground Rules to Keep Dark Moments in the Past from Poisoning the Glorious Future
What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate…Clearly129
Vanish the Energy Vampires135
Bust the Baditudes141
Better off Somewhere Else? Get on the Happy Bus…or Get off the Bus149
Gossip: The Hurt that Never Heals153
Understanding Perspective: Always Being Right Can Be Wrong159
Clean Up Your Messes and Mistakes: Restore Trust163
Epilogue One Last Thing167

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