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Thought Leadership: Moving Hearts and Minds

Robin Ryde

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Format: Hardcover, 128pp.
ISBN: 9780230525511
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Pub. Date: June 12, 2007

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Item No: 9780230525511

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

All Leadership starts with thinking - about problems, about possibilities and about organisational capabilities. But thinking never occurs in a vacuum. Modern leadership is about shaping the social process of engagement, strategizing and decision-making so that workers can create immeasurable value.

This book is about what executives can do to transform the thinking of those around them. It is about the circuitry that lies beneath the change process and the habits and norms that govern business conversations. For every senior person that ever had a sense of déjà vu in the boardroom or was horrified to see great minds producing pulp, this is the book for them. This book will give you exemplary decision-making, quicker organizational change and focussed leadership.


"The relationship between effective leaders and highly performing organisations is clear. As Head of the National School of Government’s Centre for Strategic Leadership, Robin Ryde has overseen the development of many leaders from all sectors. We can learn from the varied experiences of these leaders and I commend Robin for bringing together and translating this vast body of knowledge into practical leadership wisdom."
—Sir Gus O’Donnell, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service

"Bang up to date and full of insight, Robin Ryde will be required reading for anyone who wants to be a leader in an age of terrifying change."
—Jeremy Vine, BBC Presenter

"An immensely enjoyable, provocative and intriguing book; your meetings will never be quite the same again and you will have Robin Ryde to thank for that."
—Professor Keith Grint, Cranfield University & Defence Leadership Academy

"This book provides real insights from an experienced and respected practitioner in the field of senior management development."
—Iain Macdonald, Group vice President & Group Controller, BP plc

"At last, an accessible business book that truly inspires and places passion at the heart of leadership."
—Robert Swan OBE, the first man to walk to the North and South Poles

"A leader persuades people through reason, but compels them to action through emotion - Robin Ryde understands that and I am pleased he has put his wealth of experience into this book."
—Simon Woodroffe Founder of YO! Sushi and YO! Everything else

'Its no longer enough, when leading in a complex, connected and fast changing world, to read about how others have lead and changed organisations in the past - even the recent past. This is the first leadership book that offers leaders real tools to help them understand how people think and real methods to change that thinking. Robin Ryde has pulled off the difficult trick of intellectual and academic analysis and grounded it in real experience having observed first hand hundreds of today's senior leadership figures across all sectors in action. Apply the tools - they really work!"
—Steve Mcguirk, President, Chief Fire Officers Association

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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

Robin Ryde is an independant consultant and former CEO of the National School of Government. Ryde is also the author of the groundbreaking book ‘Thought Leadership: Moving Hearts and Minds’. Ryde has a background in leadership and organizational development. He was the youngest person to direct the British Prime Minister’s flagship leadership development program, one of the largest program of its kind in Europe. He has delivered consultancy in the UK, the US and other territories including South America, Australia and Eastern Europe. Ryde enjoys mixing his love for Sociology with harder commercial skills and has a lesser known talent as a chartered accountant. For years he immersed himself in a variety of complex transformational projects ranging from international programs to tackle poverty to large ‘big ticket’ infrastructure deals. His interest in leadership thinking is matched only by his passion for SCUBA diving and a longing to swim with whale sharks.

Table of Contents

List of Tablesviii
Two Ways to Read This Bookx
Part One: Thinking on Autopilot1
Like Raindrops On A Windowpane1
A Bleak Summary32
The Production And Shaping Of Thinking Habits33
Part Two: Switching Controls to Manual40
Board Meetings On The Beach40
Put Thinking Habits On Your Radar41
Prepare the Way For Transformational Thinking44
Trigger the Right Thinking Channel54
Part Three: Moving Hearts and Minds69
A Much Broader Repertoire70
Changing Channels83
Replacing Sticky Thinking with Exit Thinking99
The Real Job Of Leadership103

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