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The Encore Effect: How to Achieve Remarkable Performance in Anything You Do
Mark Sanborn

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Format: Hardcover, 112pp.
ISBN: 9780385519052
Publisher: Currency
Pub. Date: September 2, 2008

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Item No: 9780385519052

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Whether you want to win that new account or inspire your family and friends, bestselling author and acclaimed speaker Mark Sanborn shows us how to make every performance count.

Every day, we are called to perform— at work, at home, in our communities. But is it possible to make every performance outstanding, the kind that leaves people applauding for an encore?

Mark Sanborn, leadership expert and bestselling author of The Fred Factor, says that anyone can achieve remarkable performance time after time—no matter what their personality, strengths, or weaknesses. In The Encore Effect Sanborn demonstrates, through his own experiences as well as those of the people he’s worked with in his career, how you can cultivate the traits shared by remarkable performers and achieve extraordinary results in all aspects of your life. The secrets lie in five steps:

Passion: The fuel for remarkable performance
Prepare: How remarkable performance begins
Practice: It won’t make you perfect, but it will make you better
Perform: How to engage your audience
Polish: Making your performance shine

Whether your “stage” is an office, a sales floor, the boardroom, or your own home, Sanborn’s sound advice and rousing encouragement will help you shine in every situation where it matters most.

From The Author:

What if ...

These two powerful words usually conjure up the results of past decisions—how things might have been different and better if only . . .

But they are equally powerful when applied to the future. We can’t change the past. But the future? That’s a totally different story.

What if a CEO or organization leader had such a reputation for effectiveness as a leader-manager that she never had to go looking for new employees? There was always a long line of job applicants ready to do whatever it took to work for her. (Example: In 2006 Google received one million job applications and made 5,000 hires.)

Stand and Deliver, the Movie - What if a teacher was so extraordinary that many of her students stayed after school for tutoring, not because they needed to but because they wanted to? (This happens to teachers like Jaime Escalente, subject of the film Stand and Deliver, who changed the lives of his inner-city students at East L.A.’s Garfield High School.)

What if a restaurant had such good servers that customers asked to sit in a particular server’s section, and was even willing to wait if necessary to do so?

What if a pastor was so effective at communicating that first-time church visitors came back the following week, and brought others with them? (Example: By his own admission, the first few rows of seats at Pastor Tommy Barnett’s Phoenix First church in Phoenix [weekly attendance: 15,000] look like “the bar scene out of Star Wars,” so diverse is the eclectic crowd that comes to hear him preach.)

I know—at this point you’re probably saying, “But those are the exceptions to the rule—the superstars. I’m not sure I could ever develop that kind of reputation in my line of work.”

Why not?

What if you were so good at your work, such an asset to your company, that your employer would do almost anything not to lose you?

What if you performed in such a way that people buzzed about your remarkable performance and wanted more of the product, service, or ideas you provide?

If you knew how to consistently get people to demand more and more of you and whatever it is you do, it would be because of the encore effect.

What are you doing today to create an encore with your employer, customers or colleagues? What time and effort have you invested to create an encore at home with your spouse and kids?

Aim for an encore.


"The Encore Effect will convince you that your life is a performance, and to achieve your dreams you must master it. This book will help you construct an encore-worthy performance, be it at the podium or in the conference room. Read this book to start your journey to sustainable success.
—Tim Sanders, author of Saving the World at Work and Love is the Killer App

The Encore Effect is a much needed guide that teaches us how to bring the world to its feet, by giving the performance of a lifetime.”
—Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval, authors of The Power of Nice

readers index
Reader's Index 
Send us your favorite quotes or passages from this book.

• “Remarkable performers see in others what they have discovered in themselves—the ability to reach unexplored and unanticipated levels of performance. They inspire others through their own performances, instruct others through their teaching, and help others improve through their encouragement." Pg. 120

• “Each of us is creating our future right now. Whether the future is five minutes from now or five years, it is determined by our preparation—or lack of it.” Pg. 57


About the Author

Mark Sanborn is president of Sanborn Associates, Inc., an idea studio for leadership development, and the author of the national bestsellers The Fred Factor and You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader. As an award-winning business speaker, he regularly keynotes meetings in the United States and abroad. He lives in Denver, Colorado.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Understanding the Encore Effect
1The Power of Encore Performances7
2From Routine to Remarkable—Make Them Want More!13
3Why Remarkable Performance Matters23
4A Different Kind of PDA37
Part 2: Achieving the Encore Effect
5Passion: The Fuel for Remarkable Performance47
6Preparation: Where Remarkable Performance Begins57
7Practice: It Won't Make You Perfect, but It Will Make You Better67
8Performance: How to Engage Your Audience81
9Polish: Making Your Performance Shine91
10Pitfalls: How to Keep from Stumbling101
Part 3: Sharing the Encore Effect
11How to Help Others Perform Remarkably113
12From Remarkable Performer to Remarkable Person121

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