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The Right Leader: Selecting Executives Who Fit

Nat Stoddard with Claire Wyckoff

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Format: Hardcover, 352pp.
ISBN: 9780470344507
Publisher: Wiley
Pub. Date: February 24, 2009

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Item No: 9780470344507

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

A trailblazing approach to choosing executives who both match the needs and fit the cultures of the organizations they will lead

Leadership failures damage or even destroy companies every day. To reduce the costs of leadership failure, the author has developed a revolutionary process for selecting executives based on his years of consulting for some of America's largest corporations. The Right Leader details this new approach and how it eliminates the leadership failures that plague so many companies around the world today. When executives don't address the right needs, or can't lead the organization because of a poor fit with the corporation's cultures, the company loses competitive advantage, talented people, and momentum. The Right Leader introduces the revolutionary Match-Fit Model and explains how it reduces the risks and costs of executive failure by changing the factors that are considered and by taking into account the cultural dynamics at play in any organization.

One of the costliest problems any organization can face is a failed executive transition. Whena new top executive doesn't fulfill the expect-ations of the board or owners who chose them,it costs companies a bundle—in terms of severance packages, replacement costs, lost market capitalization, stock price volatility, bad decision-making, organizational inefficiencies, and the loss of confidence that turnover often engenders.

Today's excessively high rate of executive failure—reliable surveys estimate that up to forty percent of all new leaders fail within eighteen months—costs the business community dearly and proves the old executive hiring model is flawed. In The Right Leader, Nat Stoddard and Claire Wyckoff present a revolutionary process for stemming the tide of executive turnover and making sure companies find the right fit in a leader.

This new model, the Match-Fit Model, fits thepieces of the selection puzzle together in an entirely new way. While the traditional selectionprocess focuses almost exclusively on a candi-date's abilities, it fails to account for the substance of the candidate's character, particularly the values, beliefs, and personal philosophies that drive behavior. Nor does the traditional process effectively explain the hiring company's real needs and, most importantly, the cultures through which results must be delivered.

The Match-Fit Model closes that gap with a modern examination of the way leaders relate to organizations and new, real-world selection criteria that the traditional model lacks. It gives anyone involved in executive selection the tools they need to determine whether and how well a candidate's abilities, personality, energy, and character align with the company's real needs and cultures.

For any business, finding the right leader is a matter of vital importance. Finally, there's aproven, systematic method for selecting leaders that takes into account more than just their traits—a way to measure and define their compatibility with the company's cultures. If you want to match your company with a qualified leader who shares the values and understands the culture of your business, The Right Leader is the ultimate guide to a perfect hire.


"The Right Leader offers a great perspective on a critical topic. Look no further for practical coaching on executive selection to help your organization pick the right leader!"
—Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times bestselling author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There, Harold Longman Award, 2007 Best Business Book

"As Chairman of a NYSE company, I used the processes described in The Right Leader to pick a CEO. It was a home run!"
—Philip A. Odeen, Chair and Lead Director, AESChair, Convergys CorporationDirector, Northrop Grumman Corporation

"For a global company, the importance of a leader's fit within an organization's culture is perhaps even more important when screening internal (vs. external) candidates. The Right Leader is an excellent source and inspiration for all leaders in one of their most important decisions—succession planning."
—James R. Stengel, Director, Motorola Inc.Retired Global Marketing Officer, Procter & Gamble

"For executives, companies, and executive recruiters alike, following the principles in The Right Leader will bring about a true metamorphosis in the hiring process, creating a way to reduce the costs of leadership failures—by selecting the right leaders in the first place."
—Mary E. Kier, Vice Chairman, Cook Associates, Inc.

"This process is as revolutionary a way to find the right leader as Six Sigma was to quality control."
—L. Gordon Crovitz, Director, ProQuest former publisher, TheWall Street Journal

"The principles and practices so clearly set forth in The Right Leader are equally as applicable to M&A situations as when hiring a new business unit leader. . . . Anyone contemplating a deal should take the contents of this book seriously into consideration."
—John Collins, President, Bombay Brands; Director, The Sharper Image Corporation Chief Marketing Officer, Hilco Consumer Capital, Toronto, Canada

"Finally, a road map for finding individuals whose skills, personalities, and values will provide the best possible leadership for the organizations they are expected to lead! The Right Leader provides the rationale and the tools to look beyond one's past achievements to find the leader who truly fits your culture."
—LeighAnne Baker, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, The Hertz Corporation

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About the Authors

Nat Stoddard is Chairman of Crenshaw Associates, a New York–based consulting firm that special-izes in career and transition management for senior executives. He is the former CEO of a leading kitchen products manufacturer and former chairman, president, and CEO of GE's Canadian appliance affiliate, Camco, Inc.

Claire Wyckoff is an accomplished writer and editor who has held several corporate and nonprofit executive positions that included the direction of three highly regarded business book initiatives. She currently serves on the faculty of NYU's Center for Publishing.

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