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Social Intelligence: The New Science of Success

Karl Albrecht

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Format: Paperback, 304pp.
ISBN: 9780470444344
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Pub. Date: February 24, 2009

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Item No: 9780470444344

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Karl Albrecht defines social intelligence (SI) as the ability to get along well with others while winning their cooperation. SI is a combination of sensitivity to the needs and interests of others, sometimes called your “social radar,” an attitude of generosity and consideration, and a set of practical skills for interacting successfully with people in any setting. Social Intelligence provides a highly accessible and comprehensive model for describing, assessing, and developing social intelligence at a personal level. This book is filled with intriguing concepts, enlightening examples, stories, cases, situational strategies, and a self-assessment tool – all designed to help you learn to navigate social situations more successfully.

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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

Dr. Karl Albrecht is a management consultant, executive advisor, futurist, researcher, speaker, and prolific author. In his twenty-five-year career he has worked with many kinds of businesses, government, and nonprofit organizations in a wide range of industries world-wide. He has consulted with senior executives and lectured to conferences on all inhabited continents. He is the author of more than twenty books on various aspects of individual and business performance, including Brain Power: Learn to Improve Your Thinking Skills; The Northbound Train: Finding the Purpose, Setting the Direction, Shaping the Destiny of Your Organization; The Power of Minds at Work: Organizational Intelligence in Action; and co-author of the best-selling Service America!: Doing Business in the New Economy, widely credited with launching the “customer revolution” in the U.S. and abroad, which has sold over a half-million copies in seven languages. He devotes much of his effort to finding and developing promising new concepts for both organizational and individual effectiveness. His research and development activities have spanned a wide range of issues, from individual creativity all the way to corporate strategic vision. He is widely regarded as a key thought leader in the field of emerging strategic business issues.

Table of Contents

1A Different Kind of "Smart"1
OldWine in New Bottles?3
Going Beyond IQ6
EI, SI, or Both?10
From Toxic to Nourishing12
Blind Spots, Lenses, and Filters14
Social Halitosis, Flatulence, and Dandruff16
The "Dilbert" Factor23
Can We Become a Socially Smarter Species?25
S.P.A.C.E.: The Skills of Interaction28
2"S" Stands for Situational Awareness33
Situational Dumbness and Numbness34
Ballistic Podiatry: Making the Worst of a Situation36
Reading the Social Context38
What to Look For40
The Proxemic Context41
The Behavioral Context47
The Semantic Context51
Navigating Cultures and Subcultures58
Codes of Conduct: Violate the Rules at Your Peril61
Building the Skills of Situational Awareness66
3"P" Stands for Presence69
Being There70
Is Charisma Over-Rated?72
Do Looks Matter?75
Reading (and Shaping) the "Rules of Engagement"75
The Ugly American Syndrome78
More ofYou, Less of Me80
A Case of Attitude82
Building the Skills of Presence85
4"A" Stands for Authenticity87
Take a Tip from Popeye88
It's a Beautiful Day in the SI Neighborhood90
The Snap-On Smile: Can You Fake Sincerity?93
Left-Handed Compliments94
The Puppy Dog Syndrome97
Narcissism: It's Really All About Me98
Head Games, Power Struggles, and Manipulation102
Building the Skills of Authenticity105
5"C" Stands for Clarity107
A Way with Words108
Hoof-in-Mouth Disease: Sometimes Silence Works Best110
Role-Speak and Real-Speak114
Helicopter Language and Elevator Speeches116
"Clean" Language and "Dirty" Language119
Verbal Bludgeons121
Taking a Brain for a Walk125
The Power of Metaphor128
E-Prime: the Language of Sanity130
Building the Skills of Clarity135
6"E" Stands for Empathy137
What Destroys Empathy?138
What Builds Empathy?142
The Platinum Rule147
The Irony of Empathic Professions149
L.E.A.P.S.: Empathy by Design152
Empathy in Four Minutes154
Building the Skills of Empathy156
7Assessing and Developing SI159
Assessing Your Interaction Skills160
Self-Awareness: Seeing Yourself as Others See You166
Assessing Your Interaction Style: Drivers, Energizers, Diplomats, and Loners168
The Strength-Weakness Irony177
Priorities for Improvement180
8SI in the World of Work: Some Reflections185
The Real and Legal Consequences of Social Incompetence184
Cultures of Conflict and Craziness187
Hierarchies, Testosterone, and Gender Politics193
Getting it Right at Work and Wrong at Home198
The Diversity Puzzle200
Ritual, Ceremony, and Celebration203
Positive Politics: Getting Ahead with Your Value System Intact207
9SI in Charge: Thoughts on Developing Socially Intelligent Leaders211
The S.O.B. Factor212
Executive Hubris: Its Costs and Consequences216
Best Boss, Worst Boss219
P.O.W.E.R.: Where It Comes From, How to Get It222
How the Worst Bastards on the Planet Get and Keep Power224
The Algebra of Influence226
S.P.I.C.E.: Leading When You're Not In Charge227
10SI and Conflict: Thoughts About Getting Along233
The Double Spiral of Conflict234
Why Argue?241
Crucial Conversations243
Added Value Negotiating246
Epilogue: SI and the Next Generation: Who's Teaching Our Kids?253
Our Children Are Not Our Children254
The (Only) Ten Basic News Stories256
Anxiety Drives Attention260
Breaking the Addiction to Television262
The Buying of Our Babies265
Video Games: The New Sandlot267
Teachers, Parents, or Neither?270
Belonging or Be Longing?272
The S.P.A.C.E. Solution for Schools276
A Prescription for SI at Every Age278
About the Author289

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