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The New Boss: How to Survive the First 100 Days
Peter Fischer

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Format: Paperback, 175pp.
ISBN: 9780749452704
Publisher: Kogan Page
Pub. Date: September 01, 2008

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Item No: 9780749452704

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Political observers have long attached a near-talismanic status to the first 100 days of a new administration. For an executive taking the new role as a corporate leader, the first 100 days are no less consequential.

The New Boss is a guide for newly appointed senior managers to make a successful leadership transition. Written by Peter Fischer, an industrial psychologist and psychotherapist, this book provides new bosses with tried and tested models and self-assessment techniques for managing expectations, building key relationships, and implementing change during the first three months in charge. This book identifies all the problems a new boss is likely to face, shows how to deal with them, and allows the new boss to "hit the ground running."

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About the Author

Dr. Peter Fischer is an industrial psychologist and psychotherapist. He is the founder of FischerGroupInternational, a consulting firm with offices around the world. For more than 15 years he has supported senior executives in taking over new assignments, in change processes, and in personal transitions. He has extensive experience in the implementation of performance management systems and has directed numerous cultural change projects.

Table of Contents

Part I The seven building blocks of successful leadership transition

Building Block 1 Managing expectations proactively
'Have a go at it -- I have full confidence in you!'
The expectations of the employees
The expectations of colleagues
Expectations entailed in taking over a managerial position in a foreign country
Develop expectations actively

Building Block 2 Developing the key relationships
On dealing with disappointed rivals and hidden competitors
The significance of colleagues in the change of leadership
The predecessor -- the hidden competition
Invitations better refused
Networking -- developing power and influence

Building Block 3 Constructively analysing the initial situation
Discover the corporate culture
Sort through the issues
Gather the facts
Determine the potential for innovation
Seek resources on which you can build

Building Block 4 Establishing a set of motivating goals
What do employees look for in a change of leadership?
Designing a communicable set of goals
Avoiding the pitfalls when formulating goals
Visions -- looking to the future

Building Block 5 Fostering a positive climate for change
Ask an appreciative question, get an appreciative response
Deal positively with scepticism
Climate -- the basis of all change

Building Block 6 Initiating changes effectively
Strong signals for change
If I want to change something, I must do something different
Timingin leadership transition
Some obstacles to the management of change

Building Block 7 Using symbols and rituals
The significance of symbols and rituals in the process of leadership transition
Rituals of transition and change
Symbols and rituals of a new corporate culture

Part II Seven case studies illustrating successful leadership transition

Case Study 1 The internal promotion
The initial situation: 'It’s good that nothing has changed'
The typical problems of internal promotions
What can you do?

Case Study 2 Entrepreneur wanted: the external candidate
The initial situation of the newcomer
The typical problems of the external manager
What can you do?

Case Study 3 The big predecessor and the little successor
The initial situation: in the shadow of the predecessor
The typical problems of the successor
What can you do?

Case Study 4 The young high-potential manager
The initial situation: scepticism and reserve
The typical problems of the high-potential manager
What can you do?

Case Study 5 The long-drawn-out start
The initial situation: the long-drawn-out start
The typical problems of the long-drawn-out start
What can you do?

Case Study 6 The assignment abroad
The initial situation: the expatriate
The typical problems of the expatriate
What can you do?

Case Study 7 Learning at headquarters: the challenge of managers from foreign subsidiaries
The initial situation: the manager from a foreign subsidiary
The typical problems of the manager from a foreign subsidiary
What can you do?

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