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New Thinking on Leadership: A Global Perspective
Edited by Hilarie Owen

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Format: Paperback, 184pp.
ISBN: 9780749466336
Publisher: Kogan Page
Pub. Date: January 28, 2013

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Item No: 9780749466336

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Leadership has been a hot topic for close to 20 years now, however, we seem to be witnessing fewer inspirational examples of good leadership than ever before. Instead, we are faced with corruption and misbehavior from our so called leaders.

New Thinking on Leadership brings together a groundbreaking collection of the latest thinking from leading global figures in leadership studies from the corporate and academic world, including Warren Bennis, pioneer of the contemporary field of leadership studies, and Tracey Manning, a specialist in transformational leadership development and leadership education at University of Maryland.

This international team of leadership experts discusses how to turn around what has been called "the leadership crisis." With new, and sometimes controversial, insights from both leading academics and pioneers in the corporate world, it provides readers with the latest global picture of where our understanding of leadership is and where it could go if we get to grips with the issues facing leaders today.

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Reader's Index 
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About the Editor

Hilarie Owen has been a successful director, author, business strategist, founder and Chief Executive of the Institute of Leadership. She was appointed by the British government to oversee leadership throughout the police service in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and has worked for a variety of global companies in the US, Europe and Middle East. She is also the author of The Complete Guide to Mentoring, published by Kogan Page.

Table of Contents

Notes on contributors

Introduction: Leadership crisis – what leadership crisis?
Hilarie Owen

Part I: Challenges for leadership

01 Is leadership the enemy of the people?
Keith Grint
Tame, Wicked and Critical Problems
Addicted to command and allergic to leadership

02 Totalitarianism to democracy: Why would today’s closed organizations evolve towards democratic structures?
Sangeeth Varghese
Why modern day politicians share the same DNA as bandits and crooks
How did a rapist evolve into a doting father?
Nation states evolved. Families evolved. But organizations refuse to do so
Why do organizations refuse to evolve, even as the rest of the world is doing so?
Why the time has come for organizations to transform into democracies
Why organizations have no option but adopt democracy, if they want to survive

03 Leadership: Making waves
Elena P Antonacopoulou
The leader in leadership: man as homo-phoneticus
The ship in leadership: making waves

04 ‘I’m not really a leader’: The power and impact of implicit leadership theories
Tracey Manning
Content of implicit leadership theories
How do we learn implicit leadership theories – and why are they so persistent?
Impact of implicit leadership theories
The contribution of implicit relationship and followership theories
Implications of implicit leadership theories for your own and others’ leadership

05 What is leadership development when it is not the personal development of leaders?
Fiona Kennedy
Why is it hard to grasp leadership as existing in between people?
Relational leadership development

06 Leadership reflections
Warren Bennis

Part II: The transformation of leadership

07 Latin America: In search of collaborative approaches to leadership
Jesus Sampedro Hidalgo
Leadership in Latin America
The transforming status
Emerging dimensions
An enabling context

08 Long civilization, changing times and school leadership in China
Jiacheng Li
A demanding calling
The new meaning of school leadership
The new direction

09 Leadership in adversity
Brian Patterson
The context for leadership
Upheavals of the last decade and its effect on leadership
A crisis of leadership
A time of opportunity for leaders
Dispersed leadership
The basis of a new leadership
Power to women
The power of teams
A world without incentives
Rediscovering our strengths
Northern Ireland
Leaders working for recovery
A time for optimism

10 Leadership: A global reality
Hilarie Owen
A new way of seeing the world and ourselves
The brain and change
Dialogue to move forward


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