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The AMA Handbook of Leadership
Edited by Marshall Goldsmith, John Baldoni and Sarah McArthur

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Format: Hardcover, 272pp.
ISBN: 9780814415139
Publisher: AMACOM
Pub. Date: Janaury 13, 2010

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Item No: 9780814415139

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

The AMA Handbook of Leadership features insights from best-of-the-best thought leaders and executive leadership coaches on topics from talent development, the arts and leadership, and competitive advantage through leadership, to leading across cultures, sustainability, executive transition, and many more timeless (and timely) issues. Filled with powerful examples and full case studies, the book includes previously unpublished articles from:

Frances Hesselbein • R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr. • Dave Ulrich • John (Jack) Zenger • Nancy J. Adler • John Baldoni • Judith M. Bardwick • Marshall Goldsmith • James F. Bolt • Marc Effron • Joe Folkman • Colin Gautrey • Paul Hersey • Maya Hu-Chan • Wendy Johnson • Beverly Kaye • Paula Kruger • Laurence S. Lyons • D. Quinn Mills • Howard Morgan • Luke Novelli, Jr. • Miriam Ort • Gary Ranker • Robert H. Rosen • Norm Smallwood • Andrew Sobel • Fons Trompenaars • Albert A. Vicere • Peter Woolliams • and Patricia Wheeler

In a challenging business climate, enterprises look to their leaders. Some situations call for drastic change, while others require the fortitude to stay the course. Who better to help today’s business leaders than the greatest leadership thinkers of our time?

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Reader's Index 
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About the Editors

MARSHALL GOLDSMITH (Rancho Santa Fe, CA) is a New York Times best-selling author and one of the world’s foremost leadership experts. JOHN BALDONI (Ann Arbor, MI) is an internationally recognized leadership consultant, coach, and speaker. SARAH MCARTHUR (San Diego, CA) is a business writer and editor.

Table of Contents

Foreword by James M. Kouzes
Pt. 1 Forging Ahead: The Global Picture
1Diversity: The Imperative for Today's Leaders - Frances Hesselbein9
2Leadership and Diversity Management: Unfinished Business - Roosevelt Thomas, Jr.15
3360 for Global Leaders: Coaching Through a World Lens - Maya Hu-Chan25
4Asian and Western Executive Styles - D. Quinn Mills and Luke Novelli, Jr.35
Pt. 2 Developing People: The Key to the Future
5Passing the Baton: Developing Your Successor - Marshall Goldsmith51
6Developing Exceptional Leaders: Critical Success Factors - James F. Bolt61
7The Leader's Role in Growing New Leaders - Beverly Kaye75
8Talent Pool or Talent Puddle: Where's the Talent in Talent Management? - Marc Effron and Miriam Ort83
9The Cost of Investing in People Leadership Negatively Affects the Bottom Line: Fact or Fiction? - Howard J. Morgan and Paula Kruger91
Pt. 3 Engaging People: The Force of Change
10Leadership's Silver Bullet: The Magic of Inspiration - John H. (Jack) Zenger103
11Create Awareness; Create Change - Judith M. Bardwick111
12I Really Do Care! - Joseph Folkman121
13The Real Legacy of Leadership: Aligning Rhetoric with Reality - Albert A. Vicere133
14What Do Leaders Need to Know About Generation Y in Order to Lead Successfully? - Paul Hersey145
Pt. 4 Facilitating Change: The Leader's Role
15What Is an Effective Leader? The Leadership Code and Leadership Brand - Norm Smallwood and Dave Ulrich157
16Leading the Emotional Side of Change: The New 21st-Century Leadership Capability - Robert H. Rosen167
17Adjusting the Political Temperature of Your Team - Gary Ranker and Colin Gautrey179
18Making Successful Transitions: The Leader's Perspective - Patricia Wheeler187
19A Question of Leadership: What Does the Organization Need Me to Do? - John Baldoni203
Pt. 5 Taking the Lead: The X Factors
20Situational Intelligence - Laurence S. Lyons213
21The Arts and Leadership - Nancy J. Adler219
22Client Leadership: Leading in the Marketplace - Andrew Sobel231
23Leading for Sustainability - Fons Trompenaars and Peter Woolliams249

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