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The Laws of Charisma: How to Captivate, Inspire, and Influence for Maximum Success
Kurt W. Mortensen

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Format: Hardcover, 208pp.
ISBN: 9780814415917
Publisher: AMACOM
Pub. Date: October 13, 2010

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Item No: 9780814415917

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Some people have the ability to enter a room and draw instant attention, effortlessly exuding charm, radiating energy and a commanding presence. That enviable quality is called charisma…and those who have it are better able to influence what gets done and ultimately achieve what they want. To some extent, it’s innate—but with a few simple principles anyone can develop a more charismatic and compelling presence.

Filled with practical, powerful tools, exercises, and assessments, The Laws of Charisma explores the vital skills and traits anyone can use to earn trust, generate interest, and motivate others. Focusing on the four core elements of charisma, this book shows readers how to:
  • Radiate confidence, passion, power, and optimism.
  • Combine purpose, creativity, competence, and focus to inspire commitment.
  • Influence others by improving communication skills.
  • Persuade and empower anyone by creating instant rapport.
Charisma is the key that will unlock the door to improved relationships, greater income…and enhanced success in every area of life. The Laws of Charisma is all anyone needs to bring out the charismatic person within.

It’s breathtaking to watch someone with charisma enter a room. The sound of their voice and their mere presence seem to have a captivating effect on everyone around them. It’s as if an invisible field of energy surrounds them, mesmerizing others like a magical spell.Your career, your relationships, and your income are all related to your ability to radiate this mysterious trait. But what is charisma? Is it something with which only a lucky charismatic few are born? Or is it something that can be learned?

Much more than simply charm, likability, presence, or passion, charisma allows you to build rapport instantly, inspire others, and influence them to your way of thinking, all while putting them at ease. In The Laws of Charisma, Kurt W. Mortensen, one of America’s leading authorities on persuasion and influence, reveals the specific skills, traits, and attributes associated with charisma that you can learn, develop, and master.

Filled with practical, powerful tools, exercises, and assessments, The Laws of Charisma enables you to:
  • Get others to believe in you, trust you, and want to be influenced by you.
  • Emanate energy, conviction, and assurance.
  • Energize everyone around you with your enthusiasm, passion, and expectations.
  • Learn the eye contact and listening skills that will enable you to communicate effectively without speaking.
  • Leverage self-discipline and willpower to get what you want effortlessly while riding a wave of goodwill.
  • Gain people’s trust by creating powerful images through storytelling.
  • Win contagious cooperation from even the unlikeliest of allies.
  • Get others to not only want to do what you want them to do…but beg you to do it, like doing it, and tell all their friends that they should be doing it too!
Each chapter of The Laws of Charisma presents one of the thirty critical skills or traits essential to this enigmatic and powerful characteristic so often associated with those who are successful, well liked, and happy. The book provides both current and historical examples of how each component can be and has been used, how you can apply each one in your own life in any circumstance, and common blunders to watch out for. Mortensen also provides quotes that offer insight on each area of charisma, and in each chapter supplies you with a special Charisma Key that gives you something concrete that you can do and apply right away.

all know charismatic people. They command our attention and we hang on their every word. Just meeting them makes us feel better. Imagine your success in life once you develop the ability to ride that same wave of positivity, momentum, and goodwill. The Laws of Charisma will give you the practical guidance, wisdom, and confidence to transform yourself and your entire life.


“Simultaneously useful and entertaining, this book is a thought-provoking examination into developing a vital talent.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Kurt Mortensen’s book Persuasion IQ [is] a terrific read and a sure-fire way to improve and enhance your powers of persuasion. This easy-to-read book reveals how you can change minds, influence others, and reach your ultimate goals!”
—Larry King, host of CNN’s Larry King Live!

“As an entrepreneur, my business relies on the skills learned from Kurt Mortensen in his bestselling book, Maximum Influence. In his new book, Persuasion IQ, Kurt has hit another grand slam! His ‘10 obstacles that limit your persuasion success’ alone will be invaluable to your personal and business success.”
—G. William Barnett II, author of the bestselling book Are You Dumb Enough to Be Rich?

“I am one of Kurt Mortensen’s biggest fans and love all his teachings! His new book Persuasion IQ is brilliant and a must-read for success! Everyone is in sales, and Persuasion IQ really gives people the tools and skills to cultivate their natural abilities to be better communicators, sales­people, managers, and entrepreneurs. I have studied persuasion a long time and I think that Kurt Mortensen is the best of the best!
—Lee Milteer, Millionaire Smarts™ Coach, author of Success Is an Inside Job, Maximum Influence: The 12 Universal Laws of Power Persuasion

“The most complete work on persuasion and influence I have ever read.”
—Robert G. Allen, author of Nothing Down and Multiple Streams of Income

“A powerful tool for those in sales, for those wishing to influence a boss, or for those wanting others to ‘do different.’”
—The Roanoke Times

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About the Author

Kurt W. Mortensen is one of America’s leading authorities on persuasion, motivation, and influence. A highly sought-after consultant, trainer, seminar leader, and speaker, he is the author of Maximum Influence and Persuasion IQ.

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