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12 Steps to Power Presence: How to Exert Your Authority to Lead
John Baldoni

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Format: Paperback, 68pp.
ISBN: 9780814416914
Publisher: AMACOM
Pub. Date: April 23, 2010

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Item No: 9780814416914

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Are leaders born, or made? And what’s the single most important quality a real leader should possess? Philosophers and management theorists have endlessly debated—and just as endlessly written about—these subjects for centuries. Finally, here’s a book that cuts to the chase.

In 68 of the most succinct, no-punches-pulled pages you’ll ever read, acclaimed author-speaker-coach John Baldoni maintains that “leadership presence” is a form of communication that can be learned, and then provides the hows and the whys of learning it.

He starts by defining what genuine leadership presence is, and discusses right and wrong ways to demonstrate leadership taken from real-life examples. Baldoni explains how to communicate your objectives in ways that encourage people to buy into the process—even if it includes tough subjects like layoffs, closures, and terminations. Along the way he adds some provocative comments on the importance of ethical actions in tough times as well as good—including why merely thinking good thoughts and voicing good intentions are never enough.

12 Steps to Power Presence shares some of the subtler aspects of leadership, including how to:
  • Avoid the pitfalls of “analysis paralysis”
  • Deliver bad news in a way that does the least harm for company morale—and your reputation
  • Instill genuine pride in your team members for their own work and the company so that pride doesn’t turn into arrogance
  • Provide “upward coaching,” and learn why sharing your insights with your boss is good not only for him or her but also for the entire company
And, in a section that’s both amusing and practical, Baldoni provides reasons why appearance does matter and how to enhance yours without succumbing to the “empty suit” syndrome. The bottom line: 12 Steps to Power Presence contains everything you need to fulfill your leadership potential and become the leader you want to be—and your team needs you to be.
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About the Author

John Baldoni is the president of Baldoni Consulting, LLC, and author of eight books on leadership, including Lead Your Boss: The Subtle Art of Managing Up and Lead by Example: 50 Ways Great Leaders Inspire Results, both published by AMACOM Books.

Table of Contents

STEP 1: What Is Leadership Presence?1
STEP 2: Character Counts7
STEP 3: Five Attributes of Authority11
STEP 4: Leveraging Power17
STEP 5: Be Decisive21
STEP 6: Be Straight with People25
STEP 7: Appearance Does Matter31
STEP 8: Instill Pride of Purpose35
STEP 9: To Lead Is To Assert39
STEP 10: Projecting Hope and Optimism43
STEP 11: Coaching Your Boss49
STEP 12: Promote Yourself53
About the Author59

Customer Reviews
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