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The 1% Solution for Work and Life: How to Make Your Next 30 Days the Best Ever
Tom Connellan

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Format: Hardcover, 138pp.
ISBN: 9780976950622
Publisher: Peak Performance Press
Pub. Date: December 16, 12010

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Item No: 9780976950622

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Top sales reps, weight loss champs, blue chip firms, Warren Buffett, Navy SEALs, Olympians, and other winners all understand the power of 1%. Packed with actionable ideas, The 1% Solution shows you how to power up your next 30 days and then keep on going at a permanently higher level. Because it's based upon solid research and backed up with real-life examples, this book is for those who want to be better right now.

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably noticed that the difference between top athletes seems to be very small - but you’ve perhaps not observed exactly how small those differences are.

Curious about this, Tom did some research and found exactly how small the differences are. In looking at the Men’s Downhill in the 2006 Winter Olympics, for example, he found that the difference between a Gold Medal and no medal was 1.08 seconds or .9%.

And no matter where he looked, he found pretty much the same thing. The difference between Gold and no medal averaged about 1%. The difference between Gold and 10th place? About 2%.

Since chances are you’re not going to compete in the Olympics, the real question is what can you learn that you can use in whatever you do. And that’s where Tom comes in. He found three things at the core of that 1% difference - three things you can use to create a comparable level of performance.

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About the Author

A former Program Director at the University of Michigan Business School, Tom Connellan brings depth and breadth to your meeting. As a company founder and former CEO, he knows first-hand what it takes to grow a business. Tom Connellan started a service company in the health care field and built it into a network of 1200 instructors serving 300 hospitals and most of the Fortune 500 firms. He's worked in manufacturing and sales. Tom Connellan knows what it's like to be on the firing line of business during turbulent times and audiences connect with this practical experience. The author of eight books and numerous articles, Tom Connellan has been quoted in leading publications such as U.S. News and World Report and The New York Times. He's been the Editorial Director of four management and human resource magazines, a first level supervisor, and a company president. His New York Times Bestseller, Bringing Out the Best in Others! also appeared in the number one slot on Amazon's Leadership, Business, Coaching, and Relationship Bestseller lists.

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