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Hermanisms: Axioms for Business & Life

John L. Herman Jr.

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Format: Paperback, 285pp.
ISBN: 9780979020414
Publisher: HSB Press
Pub. Date: April 1, 2007

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Item No: 9780979020414

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone else wanting to succeed in life will find these axioms -- with true examples -- helpful in reaching their goals.

Hermanisms offers readers an assortment of straightforward advice, blunt commentary, and engaging stories based on Herman's more than 35 years of surviving the real world of business and especially surviving failure.

While the book discusses the likelihood of failure when you re an entrepreneur, it's not intended to discourage you from starting a new venture. Instead, it's intended to make you realize issues you may want to ignore, but shouldn't. And it has another goal: to make you understand that playing the game gives you more than just money. There are other "profits" to be derived from being your own boss. While your company may not make you rich, or last a lifetime, it will definitely enhance your being if you choose to let it.

With short, easy-to-read chapters for each of the 77 sayings that Herman lovingly refers to as "Hermanisms," this is a great book to have nearby. Use the few free minutes in your day to hear from someone who's been there -- and perhaps learn something that may help you succeed.

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Reader's Index 
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Hermanism #11: If the ball lands in the rough, hit it from the rough.

You drive the ball three hundred yards straight down the middle of the fairway. Booya. Then, oops, on your next tee shot, the ball goes goober right (in honor of my friend Danny who always goes “goober right”). Now you’re in the rough.

When the ball is in the rough, you have to change your thinking on the next shot. You have to recognize that the grass is higher here than on the fairway; that a tree limb is smack dab in your line of sight to the flag; that you are standing on the side of a hill, which means you need to change your stance.

When things go wrong, you have to adjust from your normal course of action. You have to think about where you are, not where you wanted to be. And there will be a ripple effect from all the changes you are making.

There will be times when your business is in the rough. Maybe the inventory you have doesn’t match the orders you are getting. Maybe the delivery date doesn’t fit your schedule. When this happens, slow down your thinking. Plan a few options to get back to the fairway. Weigh those options. Imagine each outcome. Do not exacerbate the situation with another bad shot or another bad decision.

Trying a one-in-a-million shot — going through the tiny hole in the tree, slicing the ball around the corner, and then having it roll up on the green — often ends up with the ball smacking the tree squarely and almost taking your eye out when it ricochets back at you. And you end up still in the rough, but farther from the green than you were before. Yes, I have seen Danny take that second shot many times. He has seen me do it too. And it never works.

Don’t count on a miracle to get you out of a crisis. Your business needs sensible thinking and a steady hand. Recognize that you are in the rough. Then plan the right move to get yourself out of the rough and back on course. Pg. 59


About the Author

John L. Herman Jr. ("Herman") is a business failure expert not because he fails in business, but because he knows why businesses fail. Of the companies Herman has owned, 15 succeeded and six failed. One became publicly traded, sold stock for 20 times the opening price, and soon went bust. Herman then ran a brokerage firm that consulted with over 1,000 owners of failing companies. In effect, he was a "corporate hit man" for the banks. They would convince owners to hire him, to recoup their loan money. And he did it well -- because he understood what the owners were facing. In fact, he was recognized across the country as an expert witness in corporate bankruptcy cases.

He resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife, Maggie. They have five grown children.

Table of Contents
The 77 Hermanisms21
Now Go!277
The List279

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