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The Intuitive Compass: Why the Best Decisions Balance Reason and Instinct
Francis Cholle

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Format: Hardcover, 288pp.
ISBN: 9781118077542
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Pub. Date: October 18, 2011

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Item No: 9781118077542

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

A dynamic new way to understand intuition, already implemented around the world at top companies and business schools

Neuroscience shows that instinct has a leading role in complex decision-making, yet imaginative play is the most direct means of activating our creativity and problem-solving abilities. Based on over 20 years of Cholle's wide-ranging professional experience and insights, The Intuitive Compass offers a fascinating new approach to innovative problem-solving, decision-making, and sustainable value creation. Through a concept known as Intuitive Intelligence, Cholle shows how anyone can improve creative brainpower by harnessing the balance between reason and instinct.
  • Explores the tension between linear efficiency and random play, and the synergy between reason and instinct
  • Helps us realize our natural tendencies to think holistically, think paradoxically, notice the unusual, or lead by influence
  • Shows these tenets in action through case studies of the luxury house Hermes, Paris; Google and its paradoxical work culture; Virgin America, and its ability to notice the unusual about what matters for consumers and exert leadership in its industry
The Intuitive Compass shows how to thrive within chaos and offers actionable information for reinventing our path to sustainable success.

How do we make gut decisions? Why are we loyal to one brand over another? How comfortable are each of us with random play? Do we need structure at work, and can we thrive without it?

Neuroscience shows that instinct plays a leading role in all types of decision making, but traditional ways of learning and thinking favor the rational mind, leaving our potential for "intuitive intelligence" untapped. With The Intuitive Compass, acclaimed international business consultant Francis Cholle reveals how we can harness intuition—a powerful and often underutilized tool—for innovative decision making and problem solving, as well as a more balanced approach to all aspects of life.

Combining Cholle's twenty years of working with some of the world's most respected companies with his holistic training in yoga, theatre, and clinical psychology, The Intuitive Compass shows how we can develop intuitive intelligence to navigate the natural tension that exists between reason and instinct. Through charting a personal compass, this easy-to-understand, actionable approach uncovers each of our tendencies to think holistically, think paradoxically, listen for the unusual, or lead by influence. Armed with this knowledge, anyone can engage in imaginative play to channel the unconscious mind and discover new solutions to even the most complicated challenges. Through dynamic real-world examples, Cholle shows exactly how leading companies win talent and customers by successfully understanding and harnessing intuitive intelligence. Cholle reveals how the luxury brand Hermes draws in consumers on anything but price; how paradoxical work cultures like Google get the most from their teams; and how new competitors like Virgin America can reinvent industries by redefining customer experience. On the individual level, Cholle deftly explores how intuition determines why we choose a particular perfume or brand, how our senses process stress and trust, and our own comfort levels with reason and chaos.

Rich and compelling, The Intuitive Compass offers a new way to unlock our capacity for creativity as well as how to influence our interconnected world.


"The Intuitive Compass demonstrates that intuitive intelligence is an essential tool and shows us how to re-wire the way we think to take into holistic consideration the necessary interdependence between business, nature, society and culture.A must-read for the curious mind."
—Jochen Zeitz, executive chairman, PUMA and Chief Sustainability Officer, PPR

"Working with Francis Cholle has been more than exciting: it is always very interesting and very stimulating. The Intuitive Compass helps reach the root cause of any business challenge systematically and enriches any thought process with depth and rich perspectives. I only wish I had met him earlier in my career."
—Guillaume de Lesquen, worldwide president, Ralph Lauren Fragrances

"Francis Cholle's insights into the radical changes the business world is undergoing are invaluable. I highly recommend The Intuitive Compass and following the bold direction he outlines in it."
—Marc Speichert, chief marketing officer, L'Oréal USA

"The Intuitive Compass is not just a concept, it works! From first-hand experience,I know this methodology is both fun and effective. Francis Cholle has decoded the new meaning of success for individuals and organizations in the new economy. In particular, The Intuitive Compass is a must-read for anyone looking to reinvent legacy business models through creative and sustainable innovation."
—Philippe Guelton, executive VP and COO, Hachette Filipacchi Media US

"So essential in building strategies, intuition is a talent we need to nurture every day. In his stimulating book, The Intuitive Compass, Francis Cholle brilliantlyhelps us to do so!"
—Mercedes Erra, founder, BETC; executive chairman, Euro RSCG WorldWide;managing director, Havas Group

"The Intuitive Compass is a revolutionary new tool for the managerial decision-making process. Its use will significantly impact the ability of managers to create new solutions in the ever-changing business environment. For managers who want to increase their creativity and the ability to look at issues through a new lens, The Intuitive Compass is invaluable."
—Keith Weigelt, Marks-Darivoff, Family Professor of Strategy, Wharton School,University of Pennsylvania

"Give your intuition a much-needed workout. In this intriguing explorationinto the mysteries of the unconscious, Cholle teaches us how to reclaim thepower of our instincts."
—Rom Brafman, coauthor, SWAY and CLICK

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About the Author

Francis Cholle is an international business consultant with extensive experience across a variety of industries. He lectures at Wharton, Columbia Business School, and HEC, Paris, where he received a Masters in Science of Management. He is also professionally trainedin classical music, theater, yoga and clinical psychology. Cholle lives in Los Angeles and New York and enjoys French-American dual citizenship.

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