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Ronald Reagan: A Life in Photographs
David Elliot Cohen

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Format: Hardcover, 224pp.
ISBN: 9781402780578
Publisher: Sterling
Pub. Date: Annotated edition - February 1, 2011

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Item No: 9781402780578

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

This beautifully illustrated book commemorates the life and presidency of Ronald Wilson Reagan-who renewed America's sense of optimism, revived its economy, and won the Cold War without firing a single shot.

Peter Robinson, Reagan's special assistant and speechwriter, has written the text and captions, and the book features an artful combination of well-known and less-seen images; six annotated landmark speeches, including “Remarks on East-West Relations at the Brandenburg Gate” (1987); and an introduction by Newt and Callista Gingrich.


With 2011 marking the centennial of Reagan's birth, this timely book captures his life with six of his speeches and 132 photographs of the man from childhood until he left office in 1989. The photos capture Reagan in all his famous charisma, deeply in love with his wife Nancy, and physically vigorous (a fine photo of the president at his ranch notes that, on that day, he was engaged in "clearing brush, pruning a tree, digging potholes"). The speeches and tributes reflect other classic Reagan qualities: a hardy optimism, patriotism, and anticommunism. Robinson, a former Reagan speechwriter, contributes excellent captions and footnotes to the speeches—even if a few generalizations and simplifications beg for added commentary, such as Margaret Thatcher's crediting Reagan with "having won the cold war without firing a shot." This attractive coffee-table book, while particularly welcome to conservatives and other Reagan fans, will provide all readers with a nice introduction to the most popular president since Eisenhower. (Feb.)
—Publishers Weekly

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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

International bestselling author/editor David Elliot Cohen has created or co-authored numerous large-format illustrated books that have collectively sold over 5 million copies. Four, including A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union and America 24/7, have been New York Times best-sellers. Cohen has been profiled in almost every major periodical and many TV news programs. His books have appeared on the covers of Time and Newsweek.

A White House speechwriter from 1982-88, Peter Robinson served first on the staff of Vice President George H. W. Bush and then as speechwriter and special assistant to President Ronald Reagan. His work includes Reagan's celebrated “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” speech. A fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford, and an editor of Ricochet.com, Robinson books include How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life and It's My Party: A Republican's Messy Love Affair with the GOP.

Newt Gingrich is the architect of the “Contract with America” that led the Republican Party to victory in 1994. A prolific author, he has published 21 books, including 12 New York Times bestsellers. Callista Gingrich is president of Gingrich Productions. She hosts and produces historical and public policy documentaries with Newt. Recent films include Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous with Destiny.

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