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Letters from Leaders: Personal Advice for Tomorrow's Leaders from the World's Most Influential People

Henry O. Dormann

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Format: Hardcover, 264pp.
ISBN: 9781599215013
Publisher: The Lyons Press
Pub. Date: April 22, 2009

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Item No: 9781599215013

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Possibly no one on Earth personally knows as many people at the helms of nations, businesses, religions, charitable organizations, and institutes of learning as Henry O. Dormann—founder, chairman, and editor-in-chief of LEADERS magazine, whose circulation is limited to such leading figures. Here, he brings together the first-ever exclusive collection of wisdom and inspiration addressed to young people from the world’s most influential people—advice on leadership, goal achievement, public service, and life journeys.

Letters from Leaders is a beautifully designed book comprising nearly eighty letters from those who have done so much to shape our world today—from Muhammad Ali to four U.S. Presidents, Mikhail Gorbachev, King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand and King Abdullah II of Jordan, and the Dalai Lama; from Cathie Black to T. Boone Pickens, Muriel Siebert, and Donald Trump. The letters, some as facsimile reproductions of handwritten originals, are each introduced with a biographical note by Dormann.

As put so aptly by Dormann in his introduction, “All kings and queens, presidents, Nobel Laureates, chairmen and chairwomen, CEOs, and world leaders have one thing in common: They want what they have achieved to be useful and to be handed over to a younger generation. . . . The leaders in these pages have ‘lived’ and now offer their experiences as a treasure to ambitious and open minds—those who want to be something in life.”

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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

Henry O. Dormann is founder, chairman, and editor-in-chief of LEADERS magazine, and the editor of The Speaker’s Book of Quotations. Among his own numerous leadership roles, he was founder and the first executive director of the Library of Presidential Papers[p1] (now the Center for the Study of the Presidency), and served as president of the United States Technical Developments Company, a division of U.S. Banknote Corporation. He divides his time between Bath, New York, and New York City.

Table of Contents

The Road to Success
1Introduction: Leading Off With “The Greatest”
1Ali, Muhammad: The Greater the Obstacle, The More Glorious the Moment of Success Letters and Numbers
2Redstone, Sumner: The Three C’s
3Teets, John: P.M.A.
4Garnier, Jean-Pierre: Eight Keys to the Good Life
5Gruebel, Oswald: 75% About the Future
6Zerhouni, Elias, M.D.: The 50/50 Rules
7Black, Cathie: Live a 360-degree Life
8Rubenstein, Howard J.: A Framework
9Flom, Joseph H: No Magic Formula Presidential Advice
10Ford, Gerald R.: Opponents, Not Enemies
11Carter, Jimmy: Expand Your Hearts and Minds
12Bush, George H.W.: The 41st President’s Top Ten List
13Bush, George W.: Say What You Believe and Stand By It A Global Summit
14Abdullah II, King: Provide Leadership Through Courage
15Dalai Lama: Love and Compassion
16Gorbachev, Mikhail: All People Are Brethren
17Putin, Vladimir: Diligence Is the Mother of Success
18Nazarbayev, Nursultan: Did I Live This Day Right?
19Loong, Lee Hsien: To Build a Country From Scratch
20Mahathir, Mohammed: It’s Worth Trying
21Roh Tae Woo: Audaciously Realize Formulated Decisions Globalization
22Andreas, G. Allen: The Greatest Education Possible
23Yew, Lee Kuan: The Opportunities of Globalization
24Trump, Donald: The World Is a Big Place
25Fuld, Richard S.: Connect the Dots Claiming Your Place In the World
26Browne, Lord E. John P.: Build a Strong Core
27Hall, Tony: Many Different Roles
28Hoving, Thomas:Everybody Wants You
29Keough, David: A Little Decision
30Rockefeller, David, Jr.: Dig In
31Tang, David: A King in Every Job
32Tisch, James: Go Against the Grain Passion and Job Satisfaction
33Welch, John F.: Something That Really Turns Your Crank
34Greenberg, Maurice (Hank): Passion
35Gromek, Joseph R.: The First Place to Start Focus/Dedication
36Kaufman, Henry: Persistence
37Mirabelle, Gary: Absurdly Dedicated
38Kelly, Commissioner Ray: Devote Yourself Totally
39Lederman, Leon: Total Obsessive Dedication
40Kamen, Dean: You Make the Choice
41LeFrak, Richard: For Lack of an Epiphany Renaissance People
42Bodino, Giampiero: Be Generous With Your Creativity
43Brennan, John: Values Match and Adventurousness
44Isaacs, Jeremy: A Virtual Helicopter View
45Rojahn, Stephan: Ask for Greater Responsibilities
46Toben, Doreen: Broaden Your Outlook Mentors and Role Models
47Ackerman, Dr. Josef: Stay Focused
48Gray, Robert Keith: Your Mother’s Expectations
49Hambrecht, Jurgen: Somebody to Help
50Trachtenberg, Stephen Joel: Integrity, Bred in the Bone
51Washington, Warren: Read About the Lives of Great Contributors
Working with Others
52Wylde, Kathryn: Partnerships that Change the World
53Turley, James: Integrity, Respect, and Teaming
54Ka-shing, Li: Fairness
55Holliday, Charles: Not a Beauty Contest
56Kathwari, Farooq: Shape the Debate
57Pischetsrieder, Dr. Bernd: Listen Up!
58Lazarus, Shelly: “I’d Rather Ask For Forgiveness Than Permission.”
59Weil, Sanford I.: Surface That Mistake
60Brooke, Beth: Use Your Platform Working for Others
61Holbrooke, Ambassador William: To Public Service
62Negroponte, John D.: A Life in Public Service Optimism/Overcoming Challenges
63Alaghband, Vahid: Look for That Silver Lining
64Pickens, T. Boone: To Be Up Against the Wall
65Peterson, Peter: An Exuberant Confidence in the Future
66McKee, Marie: When a Door Closes, Another Opens Wisdom Inherited
67Rupert, Dr. Anton: Proverbs
68Schroder, Gerhard: The Categorical Imperative
69Hindrey, Leo, Jr.: Meteors Who Light Our world To Be or Not To Be
70Cronkite, Walter: Be Prepared
71Harrison, William: Be a Leader A Final Note on Real Success
72Forstmann, Theodore: Real Wealth Is Not Physical

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