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Flight Plan: The Real Secret of Success

Brian Tracy

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Format: Paperback, 168pp.
ISBN: 9781605092751
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.
Pub. Date: August 1, 2009

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Item No: 9781605092751

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Unlock Your Full Potential for Success!

You have the ability, right now, to accomplish more than you ever have before. In this powerful, practical book, Brian Tracy shows you how to plot your course to greater success and achievement. Life, Tracy writes, is a journey. And as with any other journey, you have to do more than just think happy thoughts about where you want to go. You need clear goals, plans, and schedules to get from wherever you are today to wherever you want to be in the future. Like any good pilot, you need a flight plan that you file before you begin and that you use to guide you on your way.

There are universal principles and timeless truths that have been discovered and rediscovered through the ages and that all successful people learn and practice. In twelve fast-moving chapters, you'll learn how to:
  • Determine exactly who you are and what you want in every area
  • Select a clear, measurable goal or destination to focus on
  • Create detailed plans of action that guarantee your success
  • Develop the unshakable self-confidence you need to take off
  • Detail exactly what you must do to achieve your goals
  • Stay on course--persisting through the inevitable setbacks, detours, and turbulence--until you arrive at your destination
When you follow Brian Tracy's Flight Plan, the sky is the limit!


"As a former Navy carrier pilot and astronaut trainer, I know that a flight plan is critical to a successful mission. No one is better qualified to help you navigate your future than my friend and colleague Brian Tracy. His new book is laser accurate and hits the bulls-eye for authentic, lifelong achievement of your loftiest goals. Learn from his wisdom, and the stars are yours to claim."
—Denis Waitley, author of The Psychology of Winning

"You'll find the real secret to success in Brian Tracy's Flight Plan. It's an easy-to-read, practical step-by-step approach to accomplishing all your goals."
—Dr. Tony Alessandra, coauthor of The Platinum Rule and author of Charisma

"A must read! Everyone should have a great "flight plan" to succeed both personally and professionally. This book should be in every high achievers library."
—Tony Jeary, author of Life is a Series of Presentations

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About the Author

Brian Tracy, president of Brian Tracy International, is one of the leading authors and speakers in the world on success, achievement, management, and leadership. He has written 45 books and created more than 350 audio and video learning programs. Brian has worked as a consultant and trainer for more than 1,000 corporations, including IBM, Ford, McDonnell Douglas, Xerox, Hewlett-Packard, U.S. Bancorp, Northwestern Mutual, Federal Express, and Comcast Communications. He speaks to more than 250,000 people each year and is the most popular audio author in the world.

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