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Why Simple Wins: Escape the Complexity Trap and Get to Work That Matters
Lisa Bodell

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Format: Hardcover, 240pp.
ISBN: 9781629561295
Publisher: Bibliomotion
Publication Date: October 25, 2016

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Item No: 9781629561295

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Imagine what you could do with the time you spend writing emails every day.

Complexity is killing companies' ability to innovate and adapt, and simplicity is fast becoming the competitive advantage of our time. Why Simple Wins helps leaders and their teams move beyond the feelings of frustration and futility that come with so much unproductive work in today’s corporate world to create a corporate culture where valuable, essential, meaningful work is the norm. By learning how to eliminate redundancies, communicate with clarity, and make simplification a habit, individuals and companies can begin to recognize which activities are time-sucks and which create lasting value.

Lisa Bodell’s simplification method has several unique principles:

• Simplification is a skill that’s available to us all, yet very few leaders use it.
• Simplification is the right thing to do—for our customers, for our company, and for each other. Operating with simplification as our core business model will make it easier to be respectful of each other’s time.
• Simplification drives culture, and culture in turn drives employee engagement, customer relations, and overall productivity.

This book is inspired by Bodell’s passion for eliminating barriers to innovation and productivity. In it, she explains why change and innovation are so hard to achieve—and it’s not what you might expect. The reality is this: we spend our days drowning in mundane tasks like meetings, emails, and reports. These are often self-created complexities that prevent us from getting to the meaningful work that truly matters.

simple stories and techniques, Why Simple Wins shows that by using simplicity as an operating principle, we can eliminate the busy work that puts a chokehold on us every day, and instead spend time on the work that we value.


"Why Simple Wins makes a compelling case against the scourge of complexity. Lisa Bodell shows that simplification can be the competitive advantage of our time, helping us to be more innovative, more adaptable, and better positioned to thrive and truly have an impact."
—Arianna Huffington, Author of Thrive and The Sleep Revolution

"There are two ways to achieve simplicity: ignorance and elegance. Lisa Bodell empowers us to move toward the elegant, delivering practical tools for reducing time wasted on low-value tasks so we can free up energy for innovative thinking."
—Adam Grant, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of Originals and Give And Take

"Americans work among the longest hours of any advanced economy. We're time starved, busy, burned out and disengaged at work. But far from throwing up her hands in despair, Lisa Bodell uses compelling real world stories, eye-popping statistics and practical hands-on tools to show how work itself has become too complex, and how simplifying can help reclaim what's gotten lost: time for work that matters. Why simple Wins is a must-read for 21st century workplaces."
—Brigid Schulte, award-winning journalist and author of the New York Times bestselling Overwhelmed: Work, Love & Play when No One has the Time and director of the Better Life Lab at New America

"Complexity is at the center of the world's most significant challenges. Lisa Bodell shines a bright light on the single most significant leadership priority of this era. We need to simplify everything!"
—Bill McDermott, Chief Executive Officer, SAP

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About the Author

Lisa Bodell believes in the power of simplification. She is the founder and CEO of futurethink, a company that uses simple techniques to help organizations embrace change and increase their capability for innovation. She brings her compelling message to over 100,000 people a year, showing them how to eliminate mundane and unnecessary tasks from their everyday routine so that they have more time for work that matters. Bodell has transformed teams within organizations like Google, Novartis, Accenture, and more. Drawing on her practical Midwestern upbringing and entrepreneurial background, she has used the power of simplification to launch three successful businesses, write two books (Kill the Company and Why Simple Wins), travel to over 40 countries and 48 states, and sit on boards such as Novartis’ Diversity and Inclusion Board and the Global Advisory Council for the World Economic Forum.

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