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Learn Like a Leader: Today's Top Leaders Share Their Learning Journeys
Edited by Marshall Goldsmith, Beverly Kaye and Ken Shelton

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Format: Paperback, 178pp.
ISBN: 9781857885576
Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Pub. Date: August 16, 2010

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Item No: 9781857885576

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Each year, a group of best-selling authors, thought leaders and management experts-among them James Collins, Warren Bennis and David Ulrich-meet to share their defining moments on leadership with one another. As this annual meeting of the minds became a tradition, one theme quickly emerged: great leaders seize the opportunity to learn, over and over again. These remarkable stories form the basis of Learn Like a Leader, a close look at why some people are able to grow in their careers, overcome setbacks and soar to the top, whereas others never fully reach their potential. The book offers powerful lessons reflecting key learning moments in the lives and careers of each of the contributors. Learn Like a Leader portrays the power of storytelling in teaching, training and mentoring.

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Reader's Index 
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About the Editors

Table of Contents

Lessons On Leadership
1 Write Your Own Life Warren Bennis3
2 The Learning Executive Jim Collins11
3A Journey To Authentic Leadership Sally Helgesen15
4Speaking Truth Is Power Alan M. Webber19
Key Learning Points: Lessons On Leadership Alan M. Webber24
Crossroads And Choices Alan M. Webber
5Everything Counts Peter Block27
6The Dancing Toll Taker Charles Garfield31
7Living "As If" William Bridges35
8Learning Journeys As Great Teachers Robert Rosen39
Key Learning Points: Crossroads And Choices Robert Rosen42
Leading, Learning, And Teaching Robert Rosen
9Shaping Experiences Stephen R. Covey45
10Teaching And Training James M. Kouzes53
11The Learner's Point Of View James Belasco57
12Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants Paul Hersey61
13Nurturing Learning Partnerships Homa Bahrami65
Key Learning Points: Leading, Learning, And Teaching Homa Bahrami
Seeing Yourself As Others Do Homa Bahrami
14Reach Into Yourself To Understand Others Nathaniel Branden73
15Lessons On Life From The Goddess Of Love Jay Conger77
16Before Lunging Forward, Take A Step Back Carlos E. Marin83
Key Learning Points: Seeing Yourself As Others Do Carlos E. Marin87
Developing Self-Knowledge Carlos E. Marin
17An Allegory For Learning...And Meaning Dave Ulrich91
18Integrity Or Out Of Tegrity? Spencer Johnson97
19Sometimes It Takes An Elbow In The Ribs Elizabeth Pinchot103
20Recognizing Leadership, Trusting Life Nancy J. Adler107
Key Learning Points: Developing Self-Knowledge Nancy J. Adler112
Unlearning What You Thought Was So Nancy J. Adler
What Strength Really Means Stratford Sherman115
Learning To Live With Questions Jay Galbraith119
True Learning Is Often Slow Robert W. Eichinger123
The Impact Of Paradigms On Change R. Roosevelt Thomas Jr.127
Key Learning Points: Unlearning What You Thought Was So R. Roosevelt Thomas Jr.136
Pain Is A Great Teacher R. Roosevelt Thomas Jr.
25The Person In The Mirror Marshall Goldsmith139
26My Wake-Up Call Frederic M. Hudson143
27Making The Flat Side Round Beverly Kaye149
28The Gain Is Worth The Pain David M. Noer 153
29What Do You Do When Things Go Wrong? Charles E. Dwyer159
Key Learning Points: Pain Is A Great Teacher Charles E. Dwyer162
Mentors Matter Charles E. Dwyer
30Does All That Make You Happy? Richard J. Leide165
31Mentoring For Untapped Potential Lou Tice169
32Seven Lessons On Teaching And Training Chip R. Bell 175
33Pushing Through To The Next Level Robert Fritz181
34Lessons From My Coach Joel Barker185
35Contagious Influence Is A Wonderful Teacher Vijay Govindarajan189
Key Learning Points: Mentors Matter Vijay Govindarajan193
Afterword Vijay Govindarajan195
Forums For Learning Jodi Knox
Epilogue Jodi Knox201
The Power Of Stories Richard Stone

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