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Move to Greatness: Focusing the Four Essential Energies of a Whole and Balanced Leader

Ginny Whitelaw and Betsy Wetzig

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Format: Paperback, 296pp.
ISBN: 9781904838203
Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Pub. Date: January 2, 2008

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Item No: 9781904838203

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Energy patterns out of kilter create the ineffective “buts” in leadership style (“great at making numbers, but hell on staff ”) and personal performance (“successful at work, but out of control on the tennis court”). Leaders need to know who they are, how to use their strengths and how to overcome their own barriers. Both success and failure originate in our use (or misuse) of four fundamental patterns that have been studied over decades: the Driver, the Collaborator, the Organizer and the Visionary. When they are in balance, these patterns create wholly effective leaders who can achieve peak performance.

Move to Greatness explains these four essential energy patterns, revealing the strengths and weaknesses of each. Leaders will discover their natural preferences and learn how to literally move themselves and others to newfound greatness. You have all 4 energy patterns. But if you're like most people, one is Home, two are preferred, and another is the key to your greater effectiveness.

  • Which pattern is the accelerator pedal of business
  • Why the pattern of discipline can be bad for your heart
  • When being laid back is the best way forward
  • Which pattern has the most fun, and best understand customers
  • Why the patterns we like least become the people we have the most trouble with
  • How to get a team's patterns to match its purpose
  • How you can explore, focus, plan and engage others in your move to greatness


“Finally, a tool and approach that makes intuitive, practical and theoretical sense.”
—David Dotlich, Founding Partner, Delta Executive Learning Center, author of Why CEOs Fail, Unnatural Leadership, and Head, Heart and Guts

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About the Authors

Dr. Ginny Whitelaw is co-founder of Focus Leadership, LLC. She is the former Deputy Manager of the International Space Station Program at NASA, where she was awarded NASA’s Exceptional Service Medal. She serves as an adjunct faculty member of Columbia University’s Senior Executive program and is an executive coach in much demand.

Betsy Wetzig is a choreographer, dancer and teacher having worked with, among others, Martha Graham’s Company Class. She develops and directs workshops for Coordination Pattern Training™ that has trained thousands of people across the US, Europe and Australia.

Table of Contents

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