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TOPIC: The Visionary Process
Part 3: Drive the Vision Forward

F inally, you must make the vision a sustainable part of the group or organization by evaluating everything done in light of the vision and making the appropriate changes where necessary. All decisions must be made in light of the vision. You can’t say you’re going to empower people and then require 10 signatures to get office supplies. Your people need to be allowed to be responsive to the vision and its values and not the bureaucracy.

If the vision was properly crafted it will be easier to drive because it will motivate people to a new level by providing meaning to what they are doing. It will create the link between the present and the future and thus show the way. visionprocess

Find out which people in your organization have the vision “written on their hearts” and have a feel for when decisions, policies and procedures are causing the vision to get off-track. These people can help you make the course corrections you need to make that will help to stabilize and keep the vision in place. A vision can't be all values and platitudes. It must be grounded in facts and the changing realties of your situation.

A vision is meant to solve real issues. Filtered feedback will not create and maintain a vision that people can get passionate about and drive forward. Know your people and know what they are dealing with in an intimate way. Getting good feedback will help you to ensure that the vision is always realistic and appropriately meaningful. Of course, this feedback is easier if the vison process has been interactive from the beginning.
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