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Business: The Ultimate Resource
Perseus Publishing with an Introduction by Daniel Goleman

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Format: Hardcover, 2208pp.
ISBN: 9780465008308
Publisher: Running Press
Pub. Date: 2 Rev Upd edition November 2006

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Item No: 9780465008308

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

An unparalleled compendium of incisive essays, lively biographies, and authoritative and up-to-date source materials, Business is an operating system for your whole business, and includes:
  • Original best-practice essays from over 150 of today's thought leaders
  • Profiles of the 100 most influential business pioneers and management thinkers
  • Summaries of the 70 most important business books of all time
  • Over 300 practical checklists, covering all areas of management and career development
  • A first-class world business almanac covering more than 150 countries, all 50 US states, and 24 industries
  • A jargon-free dictionary of 6,000 business terms
  • An extensive list of 3,000 information sources (books, journals, Web sites and organizations), covering 115 topics

"Could there be a business intelligence -- a set of abilities that dismantle those truly outstanding in the world of commerce? Could business intelligence be the mark of outstanding individual performers, as well as the building block of the best-performing companies?"
--From the Introduction by Daniel Goleman

Business: The Ultimate Resource offers unique access to the expertise and ideas that will drive global commerce and the art of management in the twenty-first century. Unmatched in scope and depth, and guided by a team of eminent advisors and editors, Business will become the "operating system" for any organization or anyone in business -- the infrastructure that drives ideas and action. Business illuminates the state of the art in business thinking and practice today, and will serve as the essential guide for seasoned executives, up-and-coming managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, administrators, educators, and students alike.

Much more than a reference, Business provides fascinating perspectives on the culture of business, which is arguably becoming the most potent force in society around the globe. The centerpiece of Business is a collection of over 150 original essays and thought pieces, commissioned especially for this volume from among the world's most dynamic business authors. From Warren Bennis on the four critical aspects of leadership to Charles Handy on the future of business to Peter Bernstein on the case against the long run, readers will learn what's on the minds of today's thought leaders. Business also includes colorful, and often surprising, biographies of the pioneers who have left their indelible marks on the business landscape: from the larger-than-life "robber barons," such as financier J.P. Morgan and oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller, to today's high-tech and media titans, Bill Gates and Martha Stewart; from the groundbreaking research of W. Edwards Deming on quality and Abraham Maslow on psychological needs to today's high-profile strategy gurus, Gary Hamel and Rosabeth Moss Kanter.

Every page of Business is filled with information, inspiration, and application. For example, the management library section illuminates the most influential business books of all time, including Sun Tzu's timeless The Art of War, Alfred P. Sloan's My Years with General Motors, and James Champy and Michael Hammer's controversial bestseller, Reengineering the Corporation. Over 300 checklists, covering every aspect of management, offer a wealth of practical guidance for anyone who works: essential strategies for tackling virtually every challenge, from managing stress on the job to reading a balance sheet to making the most out of performance appraisals. With detailed industry overviews, an extensive dictionary of business terms, and a world-class almanac of facts and figures, Business has something for everyone.

Let the collective wisdom of generations of trailblazers be your guide to achieving business literacy -- a working knowledge of the key thinking, writing, people, and trends that define business today -- and ultimately the business intelligence to thrive in a world of complexity and possibility.


Karl Albrecht, Keith Alexander, David Allen, Christopher Bartlett, Peter Bebb, R. Meredith Belbin, Chip R. Bell, Warren Bennis, Peter Bernstein, Drayton Bird, Don Blohowiak, Steve Bone, George Percy Boulden, R. Brayton Bowen, William Bridges, Mark Brown, Peter Brown, Tom Brown, Matthew Budman, Robert Buttrick, Sir Adrian Cadbury, Susan Cartwright, John Case, James Champy, Debashis Chatterjee, Cary Cherniss, Subir Chowdhury, Stewart Clegg, Peter Cohan, Jim Collins, Cary Cooper, Robert Cooper, Anne Covey, Stuart Crainer, Mike Cunningham, Tom Davenport, Stan Davis, Charles R. Day Jr., Dinna Dayao, Edward de Bono, Michael de Kare Silver, Sir Peter de la Billiere, Des Dearlove, Donryn Dewar, Alan Downs, Scott J. Edgett, Leif Edvinsson, John Elkington, Melanie Ellis, Marc J. Epstein, Liam Fahey, Martha Finney, John Fisher, Patrick Forsyth, Robin Fraser, John Frazer-Robinson, Mike Freedman, Robert Fritz, Sumantra Ghoshal, Jerry Gilley, Jules Goddard, Beverly Goldberg, Daniel Goleman, Edward E. Gordon, Michael Griggs, Jim 'Gus' Gustafson, Cliff Hakim, Katherine Hammer, Michael Hammer, Richard Handscombe, Charles Handy, Oren Harari, Sir John Harvey-Jones, Robert Heller, Antoine Hermens, Chris Hoenig, Jeremy Hope, Maria-Therese Hoppe, Masaaki Imai, Bill Jensen, Daniel Jones, Sharon Jordan-Evans, Robert Kaplan, Beverly Kaye, Lucy Kellaway, Allan A. Kennedy, Debbe Kennedy, Maggie Kennedy, Peter Killing, Karin Klenke, Leslie L. Kossoff, Philip Kotler, Thomas Koulopoulos, Jim Kouzes, Andrew Lambert, Max Landsberg, Jean-Claude Larréché, Rick Lash, David Lawton, Robert S. Leaf, Richard Leider, Andrew Leigh, Peter Leyden, Bernard Lietaer, Christopher Locke, David H. Maister, Dorothy Marcic, John Mariotti, Steve Markwell, Ryan Mathews, Ann Maycunich, Michael Maynard, Andrew Mayo, Malcolm McDonald, Gerry McGovern, Ronan McIvor, Regis McKenna, Chris Meyer, Henry Mintzberg, Ian Mitroff, Geoffrey Moore, Michael Morris, David Morrison, Geoffrey Mott, Kenneth L. Murrell, Judith Neal, Sue Newell, John Nirenberg, Bob Norton, David Norton, Wally Olins, Hugh Parker, Perry Pascarella, Louis Patler, Tom Petzinger, Jeffrey Pfeffer, Gifford Pinchot, B. Joseph Pine, Salvador Porras, Colin Price, Jeffrey Rayport, Kathleen Reardon, John Reh, Dick Richards, Jonas Ridderstråle, Al Ries, Laura Ries, Gill Ringland, Alan Rugman, Philip Sadler, David Sadtler, James Schrager, Peter Schwartz, John Seely Brown, Jane Galloway Seiling, Patricia Seybold, Adrian Slywotzky, John Smythe, Paul Spenley, David Stauffer, Erik Stern, Thomas Stewart, Paul Stobart, Paul Stoltz, Florence Stone, Merlin Stone, Robert Sutton, Don Tapscott, Noel Tichy, Dan Tobin, Robert Tomasko, Fons Trompenaars, Jim Underwood, Christopher Voss, Watts Wacker, David Weinberger, John Wells, Meg Wheatley, Richard Whitely, Priscilla Wisner, Leslie Yerkes, Ron Zemke, Danah Zohar


" 'Business' is arguably the most ambitious business book ever published."
—The Wall Street Journal, August 30, 2002

"Answers nearly any question about how to do business better....Worth a spot on any manager's shelf."

"...this well-designed navigation key will guide you to the appropriate resource."
—Fast Company

"Any library or personal business collection will want a copy of this unique and reasonably priced reference."
—Library Journal

"Pound for pound...it may be the best purchase one could make for a business library."
—Miami Herald

readers index
Reader's Index 
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About the Author

Business features original essays and interviews by nearly 200 of the world's top practitioners, thought leaders, and academics, including Dr. Karl Albrecht, Keith Alexander, and David Allen. It is their contribution to this comprehensive volume that collectively illuminates the state-of-the-art in business thinking and practice today.

Internationally best-selling author Daniel Goleman, the spokesperson for Business, will be at the center of an ambitious national publicity campaign. A member of the project's Advisory Board, Dr. Goleman has also contributed an essay in the best-practice section as well as the general introduction to the book. Dr. Goleman consults internationally and lectures frequently to business audiences, professional organizations, and student groups. He is CEO of Emotional Intelligence Services, an affiliate of the Hay Group, and the author of Emotional Intelligence and Working with Emotional Intelligence and the co-author of Primal Leadership.

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