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Leadership Is An Art

Max De Pree   Foreword by James O'Toole

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Format: Paperback, 176pp.
ISBN: 9780385512466
Publisher: Currency
Pub. Date: May 18, 2004

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classic leadership book


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Item No: 9780385512466

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Leadership Is An Art has long been a must-read not only within the business community but also in professions ranging from academia to medical practices, to the political arena. First published in 1989, the book has sold more than 800,000 copies in hardcover and paperback. This revised edition brings Max De Pree’s timeless words and practical philosophy to a new generation of readers.De Pree looks at leadership as a kind of stewardship, stressing the importance of building relationships, initiating ideas, and creating a lasting value system within an organization. Rather than focusing on the “hows” of corporate life, he explains the “whys.” He shows that the first responsibility of a leader is to define reality and the last is to say thank you. Along the way, the artful leader must:
  • Stimulate effectiveness by enabling others to reach both their personal potential and their institutional potential
  • Take a role in developing, expressing, and defending civility and values
  • Nurture new leaders and ensure the continuation of the corporate culture

Leadership Is An Art offers a proven design for achieving success by developing the generous spirit within all of us. Now more than ever, it provides the insights and guidelines leaders in every field need.


"This is a wonderful book. It captures Max’s spirit—and he’s a truly exceptional person. But it also says more about leadership in clearer, more elegant, and more convincing language than many of the much longer books that have been published on the subject.”
—Peter F. Drucker

readers index
Reader's Index

Send us your favorite quotes or passages from this book.

• "The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between the two, the leader must become a servant and a debtor." Pg. 11

• "Structures have nothing to do with trust. People do." Pg. 29

About the Author

Max DePree is chairman emeritus of Herman Miller, Inc., the primary innovator in the furniture business for sixty years and regularly included as one of Fortune’s 25 Most Admired Companies in the United States. The author of the bestselling Leadership Jazz, as well as Leading Without Power, Called to Serve, and Dear Zoe, De Pree has been mentoring emerging leaders in both the profit and non—profit sectors for more than twenty years, and was elected by Fortune magazine to the National Business Hall of Fame.

Table of Contents
Foreword: History, Leadership, and a Vision for Corporate Lifexi
The Millwright Died7
What Is Leadership?11
Participative Premises23
Theory Fastball31
Roving Leadership45
Whither Capitalism?63
Giant Tales73
Tribal Storytelling81
Who Owns This Place?93
Pink Ice in the Urinal109
What's Next?113
Some Thoughts for Ceos Who Build Buildings121
To Make One Vice President, Mix Well . . .129
Why Should I Weep?135
The Marks of Elegance141

Customer Reviews
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Moral Leadership December 14, 2002
Reviewer: from Washington, D.C. United States

Few books look at leadership the way Max Depree does. He does not speak of trying to push an agenda. He instead writes about how to help people achieve there best potential for themselves and the organization. Leadership is about serving those you lead. He writes that a leader should provide an environment based on "trust and human dignity while providing the opportunity for personal development and self-fulfillment in the attainment of the organization's goals." The leaders he describes are the kinds of leaders we need in all walks of life.

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