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The Leadership Lessons of the Navy SEALS : Battle-Tested Strategies for Creating Successful Organizations and Inspiring Extraordinary Results

Jeff Cannon and Lieutenant Commander Jon Cannon

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Format: Paperback, 240pp.
ISBN: 9780071450133
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Trade
Pub. Date: December 1, 2004

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Item No: 9780071450133

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Leadership Lessons of the Navy SEALs provides you with hands-on, field-tested advice from authors with decades of experience in both business and combat. This straight-talking handbook shows you how the leadership and teambuilding techniques of the elite, no-nonsense Navy SEALs can help you forge a powerful and goal-driven workforce, one that is prepared to take on--and triumph over--every challenge. Here you'll discover how to create and manage small, skilled, and loyal teams that:
  • Conduct focused operations with a minimum of costly distractions
  • Quickly analyze situations to arrive at logical, effective decisions
  • Work with, instead of against, other team members, sharing victory and learning from defeat
Leadership Lessons of the Navy SEALs is filled with examples of how the SEALs have learned to operate effectively as a team. It discusses the necessity of giving each employee a specific and vital role; explains how you can acquire and keep essential team members without automatically resorting to pay increases; explores various methods you can use to expand or contract your workforce without taking on lethal business risk; and more.

While today's "Lean is better" mantra is great for businesses looking to control their costs, it can be excruciating for employees looking to stabilize and build their careers. Let Leadership Lessons of the Navy SEALs show you how to overcome this environment and instill confidence in each of your employees by creating, training, and leading teams designed to successfully carry out each phase of your company's long-term mission.

Leadership Secrets from the Navy's Elite Special Forces

For nearly half a century, the legendary SEAL (Sea-Air-Land) organization has been creating strong, effective leaders who excel at developing remarkable teams and delivering extraordinary results. This elite group's unique approach to leadership, which has been successfully field-tested on grueling missions around the world, is just as useful in today's no-quarter business arena as it is on the battlefield.

Built around inspiring real-life stories from both the military and business worlds, this no-nonsense book outlines a step-by-step approach for boosting morale and increasing productivity. Leaders from every business environment will discover techniques to:
  • Communicate objectives simply and forcefully
  • Build flexible, dynamic organizational structures
  • Acquire and keep important team members
  • Gain the trust and loyalty of team members
  • Prevent bureaucracy within chains of command
  • Effectively train their eventual replacements
  • Plan and prepare for crises
  • Make training relevant


"The SEALS are without doubt one of the highest-performing organizations on the planet. The secret ingredient is that every SEAL is a leader/teacher, engaged in continuous, interactive teaching and learning. This book . . . is a must read for all leaders."
—Noel M. Tichy, Professor, University of Michigan Business School and author of The Cycle of Leadership


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About the Authors

Jeff Cannon is the senior vice president of Draft Worldwides Interactive Department in New York. He is a popular speaker and veteran of the advertising industry. Lieutenant Commander Jon Cannon is a Navy SEAL with experience in Latin America, the Far East, Eastern Europe, the Persian Gulf, and Africa. Cannon has also worked to develop new product launch strategies in Europe and determine marketing strategies for companies in the Middle East.

Table of Contents

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