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Book of Entrepreneurs' Wisdom : Classic Writings by Legendary Entrepreneurs
Peter Krass (Editor)

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Format: Hardcover, 514pp.
ISBN: 9780471345091
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Pub. Date: September 1999

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Item No: 9780471345091

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Not everyone can start a new business and turn it into a success. Though many have gotten ideas off the ground, few have kept them afloat. While many have opened doors to budding ventures, few have been able to keep them open. And while many have begun freshman businesses, few are true entrepreneurs. What does it take to join this elite rank? The answer may well best be found from those who know firsthand—the fortunate few who have taken the lightbulbs in their heads and made them shine: pioneers like Henry Ford, George Eastman, Kim Polese, Col. Harland Sanders, Lillian Vernon, Warren Avis, Richard Branson, Dave Thomas, and Steve Jobs.

Now, The Book of Entrepreneurs’ Wisdom affords you an unprecedented opportunity to hear—in their own words—what these legends have had to say on the topic of entrepreneurship. The Book of Entrepreneurs’ Wisdom. brings together the essays and speeches of more than fifty pioneers, past and present. From starting up to creating marketing strategies, from taking risks to building brand identity, the writings contained here span the entire spectrum of essential entrepreneurial issues. For example, Wally "Famous" Amos talks about the power in commitment and Lillian Vernon presents her entrepreneur’s toolkit.

For easy reference, the essays contained in The Book of Entrepreneurs’ Wisdom are organized into eight categories, covering the start-up process; the maverick element; venture capital, LBOs, and going public; risk and strategy; inventors turned entrepreneurs; branding, image, and selling; entrepreneurial management; and personal stories. Each essay is preceded by a brief introduction that places it in historical perspective and offers interesting and insightful information about its author’s life and career. And throughout each essay, passages have been highlighted that call attention to each contributor’s most pithy, profound, or quirky ideas. Offering timeless wisdom from the most successful entrepreneurs ever, The Book of Entrepreneurs’ Wisdom is must reading for anyone looking to join the venerable rank of these gunslingers, explorers, pioneers, and thrill seekers. Fourth in the "Wisdom" series


"A great tool, not just for entrepreneurs,but for anyone trying to improve their business skills. It sure would have been nice to have had this book twenty-three years ago!"
—Jim McCann, President, 1-800-Flowers Pearls from The Book of Entrepreneurs Wisdom

"The secret to success: Plunge into the uncomfortable, push, or be lucky enough to have someone push you, beyond your fears and your sense of limitations."
—Barry Diller

"I sometimes feel like I’m behind the wheel of a racecar. I need to keep my eyes on the horizon, but I also need to keep my attention on the rear-view mirror to see who’s gaining on me."
—Steve Case

"A business which starts off quickly, makes money at once, and seems to be in every respect a gold mine, often does not last long." —Harvey Firestone "Did I want to risk an embarrassing and costly failure? Absolutely."
—Michael Bloomberg


readers index
Reader's Index 
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Table of Contents
I Love Mondays (M. Bloomberg).
Starting the Company (H. Firestone).
Go Ahead — Jump! (A. Kessler).
A Tech Dream Comes True (K. Polese).
The Three Criteria for a Successful New Business (N. Brodsky).
Mrs. Drucker Starts a Business (D. Drucker).
Are You a Gunslinger? (W. Avis).
The Discomfort Zone (B. Diller).
The Power in Commitment (W. Amos).
The Crucial Question (A. Carnegie).
Enthusiasm and Appreciation: Guideposts to Success (D. Carnegie).
The Successful Entrepreneur's Toolkit (L. Vernon).
For Entrepreneurs Only (M. McCormack).
Bankers are the Keepers of the Keys (T. Monaghan).
A Million Dollar Mountain and a Red Hat (C. Hilton).
Money: The Truth about Financing a Growing Small Business (I. Smith).
Strategy vs. Tactics from a Venture Capitalist (A. Rock).
LBOs Can Help Restore Americas Competitive Edge (H. Kravis).
Going Public (A. Wang).
Risk Taking (R. Branson).
A Winning Business Model for the 90s (S. McNealy).
The Technique of Anticipation (S. Ramo).
The Secrets of Sniffing Around (D. Thomas).
Why a Buyers Market Hasn't Changed Our Plans (J. Penney).
Remington's Marketing and Manufacturing Strategies (V. Kiam).
Buying or Selling — Which Counts Most? (F. Seiberling).
Ten Commandments for Building the Medium (S. Case).
How I Made a Success of My Business (H. Ford).
When We Invented the Personal Computer...(S. Jobs).
Make the Camera as Simple as the Pencil (G. Eastman).
In the Creators Mind (E. Land).
To Win the Business Game, Do What You Know (N. Bushnell).
A Perpetual Idea Machine (G. Hatsopoulos).
Advice to a Young Tradesman (B. Franklin).
If I Were Twenty-One (C. Birdseye).
The Best Way to Build a Brand (H. Schultz).
The Making of a Colonel (H. Sanders).
Moving Up in Marketing by Getting Down to Basics (A. Morita).
My Test of Good Management (M. Converse).
Breaking Through the Ad Barrier (J. Johnson).
Service Sells (M. Dell).
Showmanship and Salemanship (A. Neuharth).
The American Museum (P. Barnum).
The Need for Controls (A. Fuller).
My Style (D. Fields).
Change Is Fun (H. Perot).
Global Manufacturing: The Nike Story Is Just Good Business (P. Knight).
Four-Letter Words (A. Roddick).
The Diary of a Small Company Owner (A. Brattina).
Becoming a Good Follow-Through Person (M. Ash).
To Make a Business Grow — Begin Growing Men (T. Watson).
Your Own Business (H. Lay).
Bagels, Ice Cream, or...Pizza? (B. Cohen & J. Greenfield).
The Product Nobody Wanted (J. Wilson).
Digital Equipment Corporation: The First 25 Years (K. Olsen).
You Can Always Do Better (S. Goldwyn).

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