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The Great Brain Robbery : A Collection of Proven Ideas to Make You Money and Change Your Life

Ray Considine & Murray Raphel

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Format: Hardcover, 221pp.
ISBN: 9780865580008
Publisher: Great Brain Robbery
Pub. Date: 1987

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Item No: 9780865580008

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

How often have you silently admired the feats and finesse of the successful money-winners?— those people who always seem to get what they want. How many times have you watched a money-winner operate in a smooth, flawless way and "win the day"? — then asked yourself, "How did he do that?"

Ask no more! The Great Brain Robbery tells you how the Winners do it and how you can do it...

If you sell or have sales people, run a business or a household, operate alone or have a staff, you can become a Brain Robber and steal dozens of great ideas from The Great Brain Robbery...and learn to think out-of-the-box in business and everyday life!

The Great Brain Robbery is not a How-To book; it's a How-Did factual history. It reveals what powerful money-winners did to reach the pinnacle of success (nothing you can't do). It maps out unblazed trails they used along the way to the top (simple basic discoveries). It tells how they succeeded with one secret: Non-Traditional Thinking—and how you can use it too!

The Great Brain Robbery contains over 500 Ideas (capital "I") "stolen" from the leading professionals on:

  • Masterful Selling Made Easy
  • Multiplying the Payoff for Your Advertising
  • How to HAndle Small Crises and Resolve Large Problems
  • How to Get Out-of-the-Box and Move Yourself UP!
As you read you'll learn to ask yourself the key question: how can I do that? And the next time you hear that half-whispered comment from an admiring group, "How did he do that?"—they'll be talking about you!


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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

Ray Considine was an in-your-face, always on, energized Irishman who provided a steady stream of valuable – and useable – ideas for your business, your staff or your sales force. He didn't come with some prepackaged “this year’s speech.” He was flexible, up-to-the-minute. Hugely curious. Asked lots of questions – and listens. Then he delivered. He thinks fast, talks fast, knows more about sales, marketing, and promotion and how to keep customers, than anybody you’re likely to meet in a lifetime. An exceptional story teller, your people will laugh, learn and remember the lessons. They always do. Ray Considine was a Harvard graduate who wears a lot of hats: speaker, teacher, motivator, salesman, storyteller, author, and friend.

Table of Contents
1Great Idea People we have Known, Admired, Read About . . . and Envy:21
The Reese Palley Story21
The Bill Veeck Story29
The Frank Gravatt Story39
5Goal Setting89
6The Psychology of the First Person Plural103
7The 400 People109
8Winners and Losers115
9Four-mula for Success131
10Secret Selling Sentences139
11Expectations Vs. Reality149
12If You Don't Like It Here...Get Out!159
13Techniques and Tools of Change173
14Direct Mail181
15Added Value207
16Added Value (Reprise...)211
Epilogue: The Sunshine People215

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